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Mar 4, 2011 10:53 AM

The Bank

Has anyone been to the Bank nightclub on 8th Ave? I am looking for somewhere to go for my birthday and was wondering what the crowd/music/drink prices were like.


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  1. It was super in the 80's I had many great times there.
    A great building, beautiful space. How it is now I do not know.
    Check Calgary club listings.
    Have a wonderful Bday when is it? mine is early March
    Good luck after many incarnations as I have heard I hope they have preserved a wonderful space.
    Happy Birthday to you!

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    1. re: Magnapro

      Thanks your reply and birthday wishes Magnapro! My birthday is mid April I am just a type A who likes to plan ahead :)

    2. Crowd-The Cast Of Jersey Shore, Calgary style. The only people in the place older than 25 are the staff.

      Music-Depends on the night but they tend to play House/Progressive and Trance on the weekends. No rock or country is played but some nights they do play a bit of top 40/rap. They so also bring in DJ's from the UK and Europe and on those nights cover can run up to $40.00/person and the tickets can sell out. Might want to call ahead to check if there is a special event on the night you want to go.

      Drink Prices-Expensive

      overall if your into fluffy electronic music, long lines, expensive drinks and copious amounts of hair gel, this is the place to go.

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        And you think the Banke is bad? Try Sociale! What I thought was going to be a restaurant is full-on nightclub at the night. Line-ups, juiced up doormen, ridiculous prices and enough AXE bodyspray to choke a skunk. Plus, the place isn’t even finished. It looks crappy and is getting worse by the night. Here’s my favorite part though: there are shelves in the toilet stalls four feet off the ground. What could that be for I wonder? Putting your drink on? Maybe. But more likely doing huge rails of blow. Count this guy out.

        1. re: derfster

          I didn't dig Sociale either. The crowd there was really stuck up and it just gave the place an overall judgemental vibe. But we ate there and the food was actually quite good, as was the service before it got really busy and night club-ish. If anyone has any recommendations for a fun lounge type place with an older crowd I would love to hear them.

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            I have become rather fond of the Local Tavern establishments. Local 002, Local 510 and Local 522 owned by the Concorde Group have a cool vibe with upscale pub food. http://www.localtavern.ca/

            Although I have never been, I have heard Milk Tiger is a cool lounge. http://www.milktigerlounge.com/

            Local 522
            522 6 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 0S1, CA

            Local 510
            510 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0A9, CA

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              Murrietta's lounge is pretty good on Saturday nights. They usually have a band playing old time rock or jazz. I've been there a few times now with a group of 40-somethings. At first I thought it was full of really old people, like our parents age, but that just seemed to be the right after dinner crowd. By 10pm or so it was 30-50 age group, dancing and drinking plain old highballs/beer/wine. We all had fun and didn't feel out of place.