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Mar 4, 2011 09:43 AM

My Hatfield's Report

I went to Hatfield's last night (Thursday, March 3, 2011) with my wife and another couple. Here's a somewhat "abridged" report of the dining experience.

Decor - Minimalist. White frescoed walls. Personally, I'm still a fan of the minimalist look. I know others have commented on the decor at Hatfield's looking like the inside of a "cafeteria," but i thought it was just fine.

Drinks - I got a sazerac and a glass of syrah. Both very good.

Food - We chose the seasonal pre-fixe menu and ordered two appetizers off the menu.

Appetizers -

1. Foie Gras with sautéed king trumpet mushrooms, red flame grapes, golden lentils - The grapes were a nice addition to the dish since the sweetness went really well with the foie gras. As for the rest of the dish.....well, the foie gras seemed a little overcooked. It lacked the silkiness that I look for in a seared piece of foe gras. The other ingredients were just there. I didn't see how they added to the dish.

2. Croque Madam - Yellowtail sashimi, prosciutto, sunny side up quail egg, grilled brioche - Interesting dish. Really liked the textures but the brioche had so much butter in it that it just overwhelmed everything in the dish.

Amuse - Dungeness crab on quinoa - probably my favorite savory item of the evening, which says a lot.

Pre-Fixe -

1. WARM CREAMY CRAB BUCKWHEAT CREPE (Pickled beets, marinated radish, fine herbs) - Eh, just ok. Nothing really stood out in the dish,

2. CHARRED OCTOPUS (Caramelized fennel, saffron vanilla braised hearts of palm,
red wine olive purée) - Good char on the octopus, the rest of the items just got muddled into the dish.

3. PAN ROASTED DUCK BREAST (Caramelized endive and cherries, pistachio pistou, celery root puree) - Duck was cooked perfectly, but the whole dish just lacked seasoning. One of my fellow diners actuallya sked for salt. I didn't have the guts to do it so she took control!

Desserts - Favorite part of the meal. The chocolate semifreddo and the pineapple macaroon dishes were just awesome.

Summary - Really underwhelmed by the meal here. A lot of the ingredients just didn't make sense to me and felt like things were just thrown together. The lack of flavor and seasoning on many of the dishes was just surprising. In general, the dishes just lacked depth and soul. Although $60 for a pre-fixe isn't that steep, I really expected more.

6703 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

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  1. Was Quinn Hatfield in the kitchen ? We returned recently for another tasting menu and had a really good night with excellent food.

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    1. re: honkman

      Not sure if Quinn Hatfield was in the kitchen or not. I hope there isn't a huge flucuation in meals when he is and isn't in the kitchen. A lack of consistency would probably knock the restaurant down another notch in my book!

    2. I ate there back in January and felt it to be a real let down. Sadly, I don't remember what I had but was completely unimpressed by the food. The room was nice, service was great, drinks were lovely but the food was so-so.