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Mar 4, 2011 09:29 AM

When I comment about the actually area My comment gets erased?

I've noticed that if I comment about the area that a rest or shop is located in I almost always have my post deleted. I think that bashing a area is not usefull to anyone , although I hate to send a visitor from out of town to a unsafe area at night, even if the taco truck is to die for.

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  1. There's a comment here: that explains our position on discussions of neighborhood safety.

    1. I just had this happen to me. It really sucks. I've been a CHer for years, and I'm the last person to post offensive or aggressive posts (in fact, I hate conflict!)

      That said, I'm so offended, I'm about ready to quit using CH. It seems that there are certain "mafias" of fans for particular restaurants (note to CH: I'm joking, and am in no way implying that organized crime networks use your web site), and if you mention that the atmosphere of that particular restaurant is lacking and the area is unsafe, they report you, effectively censoring the thread.

      I assume they don't care, since they assume anyone who questions the safety of a restaurant must be some suburban chain-restaurant-loving moron who doesn't know good food if it hits them in the face.

      Due to this policy of not posting on safety, my husband and I ventured into a neighborhood market where we felt completely unsafe -- thanks a lot, Chowhound! When I pointed this out in a thread where an out-of-towner was looking for suggestions, someone got mad at me within 5 minutes, and when I checked back two days later, it was deleted.

      I understand that Chowhound doesn't want to get into crime rates, etc. That stuff is, mostly, off-topic. But if it IS fair game to comment on parking situations or the atmosphere of a restaurant, I don't know why it ISN'T fair game to comment on having to walk through sketchy-looking crowds to get to a restaurant! Just wait until someone takes a suggestion for a restuarant, gets mugged, and then later finds out that a comment warning them of a dangerous neighborhood was deleted off chowhound by overzealous moderaters!

      This whole thing, to me, is just really dishonest. I'd hate to think of someone sending a tourist family with small children to a dangerous location for dinner.

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      1. re: anakalia

        Dangerous for whom? Maybe I'm one of the sketchy looking people... with a mobile device searching CH.

        1. re: E Eto

          The true danger comes from the dietary choices we make...along with using our mobile devices to search CH, all the while keeping one eye out for a good parking spot all done at 35 MPH (now that's dangerous!)...

          1. re: anakalia

            All kidding aside, I fully agree with Ana!! There is always a line you have to draw on topic and we all know how things can QUICKLY get off topic. However, if the area is less desirable or you have to park in a shady area, that SHOULD BE NOTED.

            Of course my idea of a " bad" area could be greatly different than someone elses, I do not see the harm in stating it. I.E. I live in Pittsburgh and they are starting to really flurish some "bad" areas into a GREAT food scene.. However, 2 blocks away you are in Danger