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Mar 4, 2011 09:09 AM

Pricing of cookware

So this might get moved to the cookware subforum, but this is highly specific to Paris so I thought I'd try here first.

Does anyone know the type of copper cookware offered at Galleries Lafayette? How do their prices compare to Dehillerin?

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  1. GL has many manufacturers, Dehillerin has a Mauviel type but as l recall without the Mauviel name, probably the same Norman town. Think of GL as Williams-Sonoma and Dehillerin as a small family restaurant supply, even if 80% of its business is tourists from Japan and USA.

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      The Delillerin line is now by Cuprinox and is stainless steel lined. We still have a number that are tin lined and a few that are nickel lined. Retinning is a poisonous process; no one in our city does it today, so we have to send it away. We waited 6 months last time.

      It is possible to buy Dehillerin cookware through their site, we found that shipping and handling roughly doubled the price.

    2. BHV is my favorite department store for cookware.

      1. I guess a follow up question, is where is the best pricing in paris for 2.5mm (or higher) Copper cookware?

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          No prices listed, but the Atelier du Cuivre in the Viaduct des Arts is a kind of factory store.