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Mar 4, 2011 08:55 AM

Traditional sushi in Philadelphia

Are there any good sushi bars in Philadelphia that will do a traditional/tokyo style omakase? I'm not expecting something like Sushi Yasuda, but all the sushi bars in Philly seem to only serve fancy fusion rolls with tons of mayo and sauce. And Morimoto's "omakase" barely has any nigiri

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  1. Try Fuji in Haddonfield, NJ. I think you need to call ahead of of time, but that will give you the chance to discuss the menu.

    I'm not sure if Sagami (in Collingswood) offers it as well.

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    1. Yes. Fuji is your best bet. It's not a bad idea to let Chef Ito know you are coming and to reserve seats at the sushi bar.

      1. I asked a similar question a little while ago, not about omakase but just where to get good nigiri and sashimi as I don't really care for rolls. I got some suggestions, though I haven't had a chance to try most of them.

        I did the $25 all-you-can-eat at the new Makiman on the 1300 block of Spruce on Monday. They have a decent selection of nigiri available (along with a lot of rolls); everything was good and I definitely got my money's worth. I'd go back for traditional sushi, but I don't eat sushi enough to really compare to the high end places.

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          Another thumbs up for Fuji in Haddonfield. It is a high end place in everything but price. Never been disappointed. Matt Ito can and will accomodate any allergies/unusual preferences you may have. I can't do 'spicy'; my friend can't do raw oysters. Matt remembers and pleases us both at the same time.

        2. I agree with the majority, Fuji!!!!