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Mar 4, 2011 08:43 AM

Comfort food after a break-up

I've been very close to a guy for a couple of years. We never officially dated but he treated me like his girl friend. He never made any promises and while I would have liked it to become more, I was satisfied because I really like his company. Last week he told he he'd started dating someone. Needless to say, I am devastated. I miss my best friend terribly. And I've lost all interest in cooking and eating. I used to love cooking and baking for him. He'd come to my house at midnight for omelets or pancakes. I used to surprise him by bringing warm cookies to his office. I am miserasble and food has lost it's appeal.

So my question to you all is: What's good to help mend a broken heart? I need serious comfort food here. Something warm and tasty and not too hard to prepare since I have no desire to spend time in my lonely kitchen.

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  1. Sorry for the sucky situation. Hopefully some of these ideas will help.

    Is pasta too time consuming for you? When I've had a crappy day, I come home and make a super eggy and pancetta laden carbonara. Top it with lots of black pepper and pecorino.

    At the grocery store, I have recently seen these Duncan Hines type desserts that you mix and bake in a mug. Not very chowish but would be fairly quick and oh so comforting.

    Recently, I have been making toaster oven s'mores. I swear to you that it will not take more than 2 minutes between preparing and toasting. I preheat my toaster oven to 350 (sometimes I don't even wait for the preheating to finish). On the little toaster tray, i put 2 (or 4!) graham crackers, topping 1 with 1 square of Lindt dark chocolate, and the other with a marshmellow. I put it in the oven until the marshmellow swells and turns a nice brown. Squish together and enjoy.

    How about not going into the kitchen at all, and ordering your favourite takeout and curl up under a blanket with the takeout and a glass of your favourite wine, and watch a movie?

    Hopefully you can quickly get through this funk...

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      Oh, yes... carbonara is major comfort food.

      1. re: LauraGrace

        Or just use plain old butter and parmesan.

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          Whatever pasta is in the "pantry, olive oil or butter or both, sliced garlic, or from the jar, parmesan, darn...whatever else, maybe some chopped roma toms, and some sliced black olives, I guess there's some dry oregano and/or basil in that pantry...oooh, forgot about the fresh ground pepper....hey, whatever can be found!

        2. re: icey

          Those toaster oven s'mores sound SO good! Now I'm gonna have to go get some marshmellows!

          1. re: RowanGolightly

            I agree, and I don't even feel depressed. I know how you feel, though, Miri1, since I went through the same thing a few years back. It was awful!!!
            Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy has a great recipe for "Breakup Bars." If it looks like too much for you to handle, forward the recipe to one of your other close friends and ask him or her to make some for you. The prospect of sharing them will probably get your friend motivated. That or you could invite someone over to commiserate with you while baking together. You can drink some of that good wine while baking, then switch over to milk when the bars are cool enough to eat.
            Oh yeah, the friend and I got back our firendship after a couple years.

        3. Nourish your self and your soul with some chicken soup or a nice braise. Fill your house with aroma. Buy yourself some flowers, rent a movie.
          Pardon the candor here, but this guy is no prince. No way, no how he did not realize you were in love with him, and he took advantage of you big time. Focus on healing yourself. Move, get out in the sun, exercise and look forward to meeting a guy who wont take from you in a one-way relationship!!
          Oh, and chocolate.

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          1. re: monavano

            I was also going to suggest chicken soup. Eaten from a large bowl, preferably in front of the tv

            1. So sorry this happened to you. If you don't feel like cooking, why not spend a little on yourself and go to a restaurant you like for take-out, then bring it back home and enjoy it with a good movie and a glass of wine? Or if you don't want to be alone, invite some women friends over and cook a meal together. It might help you to repurpose your kitchen into a "cooking for me" space rather than a "cooking for him" space. If you do have friends over, make something complicated and time consuming, like a mole sauce.

              1. Something warm and tasty and not too hard to prepare:

                Oatmeal with a ton of sweetened condensed milk poured over topped with some nuts and chocolate chips.
                Macaroni with butter and salt and pepper
                Take a jar of peanut butter--squirt a generous amount of chocolate syrup over and start eating with a big spoon.

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                1. re: jarona

                  +1 on the peanut butter and spoon (or almond butter). Failing that:
                  the all-purpose pint of ice cream.

                  1. re: pine time

                    better yet: ice cream with the peanut butter and chocolate syrup (or actually maple syrup is great too) poured over!

                2. a big plate of wings (whichever you like)
                  followed by a hot fudge sundae

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                      Wings and a hot fudge sundae? Sounds awfully good to me! :)

                      1. re: Nicolette S

                        agreed. as long as they're not from Hooters.