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Mar 4, 2011 08:22 AM

OK, I'll Start IT: Fat Tuesday - Best Paczki - Suburban Detroit

I'm looking for the best Paczki's. I'm tired of getting a plain powdered jelly doughnut with inflated prices. My favorite place has been closed for a long while, (Believe it or not - The Garden City Bakery.) They had the best paczki's, loaded with filling and fresh.

Any suggestions would help. I'm coming from Brighton to the Metro Airport area. I'm willing to drive to bring in the best.....

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  1. Go to Hamtramck, drive down (or up) Jos Campau and just look for the place where people are lined up out the door.
    If they aren't the "best" for you, at least you can say they are "authentic."

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      New Deluxe Bakery 11920 Conant Street, Detroit, MI 48212-3142 (313) 892-8165 ‎

      Expect a 2+ hour wait inline

    2. For less of a drive and en route to your desination, try Copernicus Deli on Main Street in Ann Arbor. They import their paczki from Hamtramck and they are the real deal. Go for the prune or rose flavor - authentic Polish flavors you won't find elsewhere.

      1. Zingermans Bakehouse is selling 6 kinds this year . . . .?

        1. If you're on the west side of the metro area, try Copernicus grocery in Ann Arbor. This is a Polish grocery that knows what they're doing. They get theirs from somewhere in Hamtramck (not sure where), but no lines or manufactured insanity, just pure prune goodness.

          1. I'm new here, so didn't get a chance to put in my two cents. But next year, keep G.M. Paris Bakery in mind (in Livonia: Joy Rd. between Inkster and Middlelbelt). In my opinion they have the best paczki you'll ever have the pleasure of eating. Their custard paczki is my favorite--it's AMAZING--and I look forward to having one every year. This was the first year in 25 years that I didn't get to have one, and I was severely disappointed.

            I know everyone suggests Hamtramck, but Paris Bakery might be right up your alley. They are a Polish bakery that has been a Livonia institution since 1938. It doesn't necessarily need to be in Hamtramck to be 100% authentic and credible.

            Just out of curiosity, where'd you end up going this year?