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Mar 4, 2011 08:09 AM

Chambord Straight Up Serving Suggestions

I want to use Chambord straight up to pair with a chocolate cake. Room temp or refrigerated? Serve it on the rocks or not? Serving suggestions other than a cocktail are appreciated.

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  1. I serve it room temp with a 1/2 inch float of un- whipped cream. no rocks!

    1. I'd taste it both ways. Chilling it will make it appear less sweet, but it will also somewhat subdue the flavors.

      Personally, I'd opt for something less sweet and more subtle, even with chocolate cake. Framboise (raspberry eau-de-vie) or if you don't mind cherry, kirshwasser would be nice. Kirschwasser ("cherry water" in German) is distilled from crushed cherries, pit and all. It has a more complex flavor than some other eau-de-vie types. Eau-de-vie is usually served in small cordial glasses at room temperature.

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      1. Straight up=shaken over ice and strained
        Neat=bottle to glass
        On the rocks=over ice

        I prefer such cordials neat, although I don't much care for Chambord. It's too sweet and one dimensional.

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          Thanks for straightening (pun intended) me up on the terminology and your preference.

        2. Chambord 1/3
          Champagne 2/3
          fantastic with Chocolate Cake.