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Mar 4, 2011 07:29 AM

Border Grill (Downtown LA) Groupon Coupon -- $40 of Food/Drink for $20

There's a Groupon Coupon for Border Grill (Downtown LA location) -- $40 Food/Drink for $20. Coupon expires July 4, 2011


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  1. great...now its just slighty overpriced...heheh

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      I agree!! I ate with a meetup group using the groupon a couple months ago. The portions are TINY. I wasnt thrilled with paying 21 bucks for 3 tiny shrimp taco's, and less than a half a cup of rice/beans. Thankfully, I didnt have to pay any more than the 20 so it was worth it. I'd never eat there if I had to pay full price.

    2. This location replaced their other overpriced restaurants, that failed?

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          When the original Border Grill opened up on Melrose in 1985 (in the old "City Cafe" location) it was a phenomenal and cutting edge restaurant. The first time we ate there was not too long after it opened and I still remember we ate at a table next to Jodie Foster. City Cafe moved over to La Brea into a much larger space and became City Restaurant. City Restaurant was also very cutting edge for it's time. When we ate there in 1988 for the first time we took our infant son and sat right next to Demi Moore, her nanny and her infant daughter (the kids were the same age) and we ended up chatting with Demi about child rearing issues (and what it was like to HAVE a nanny). But time has taken it's toll on the Border Grill concept and other places have passed it by.

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              That was the last thing I said to my father, way back when.