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Mar 4, 2011 07:23 AM

Eddies Sweet Shop Forest Hills

I have not been to Eddies Sweet Shop in a few years. However, I went last night and was quickly reminded that this place is really special and a real piece of NY history. They have been open for 109 years this in itself is amazing. they make all of the ice cream in house and most of the toppings as well. There is a new guard of young guys manning the fountain and they are curtious nice young guys. Who take pride in the history that they are part of. IMO we should all support Eddies and any other place that stands the test of time in NY there is too much of old NY that we have lost and losing each day. So go to Eddies get an egg cream or sundae you will not regret it. do not forget to try the vanilla ice cream IMO it is the best flavor there. And say hello to Tommy & Dave..

Eddie's Sweet Shop
105-29 Metropolitan Ave, Queens, NY 11375

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  1. Hi bklynsausage,

    This year, between May and September, I recommend you check out Artisanal Creamery:

    It hasn't been around as long as Eddie's but it's awfully darn good, a BARGAIN and closer to Brooklyn.


    Glendale is hungry...

    Artisanal Creamery
    66-40 Myrtle Ave, Queens, NY 11385

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