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Mar 4, 2011 06:55 AM

Any recent experiences @ Quince?

Not having been there in a while, and briefly glancing at their online menu (no clue how often it is updated), there seems to be quite the number of changes.

No longer having my wife's favorite braised beef poutine, many other staples seem to have been replaced as well.

Just curious if anyone can recommend any standout dishes, or perhaps ones to miss?

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  1. Yes I went there recently for my birthday with a large group. The service was awesome and the food was great! Their gnocchi is amazing!

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    1. re: EatMePls

      Good to hear.

      They used to do their gnocchi with a braised beef I believe, changing it up I guess.

      Anyone in your group try the lamb shoulder?

      1. re: Sadistick

        Yes a few did and they said it was delicious!

    2. The Gnocchi is spectacular. Can't say enough about it!!! And I would highly recommend the tomato tart to start with.
      I had heard that they are going to be closing for renos soon....Hope it's not for long, I'll be dreaming about the gnocchi till it opens again!

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        1. re: hungryabbey

          Haven't been there for about a year but look forward to the return soon.
          Service has always been good and the kitchen generally very good.,

      1. Once again, Quince did not disappoint (for the most part at least!)

        Low and behold (Restaurant's online menus are so often outdated) their beef poutine was back on the menu, so my wife was thrilled (it clearly does not take

        I started off with their special, a wild mushroom tart with Asiago and a tomato chutney of sorts, very tasty, though if I had to nitpick, it could have used more mushrooms.

        The only flaw of the meal was my sister's Calamari, the first go round was akin to licking a block of salt, which they quickly rectified.

        For mains, 2 had the papardelle with pulled beef brisket, and I enjoyed the duck confit with a 'bean cassoulet' - again, if I had to point out, the beans were NOT akin to any cassoulet I have had, which is typically fall apart tender, but quite al dente, which did not mesh with the dish (but at $19 for a perfectly executed duck confit, I cannot complain).

        Besides that, everything was extremely enjoyable and our waitress was an absolute gem.

        1. After posting on Mar 5, I was jonesing for some Quince we went for dinner. I have to say, I am NEVER disappointed! (which is refreshing, I am always the one that has something go wrong with their dinner...but not there!!)
          We had some of the specials. There was a chicken liver pate of some kind with pickled apples (i think) The burrata salad was TO DIE FOR. And the lamb shoulder (Off the bone, and crisped up a little on the grill), with a broth and the gnocchi made me want to marry the chef.
          Seriously. Good. Food!