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Mar 4, 2011 06:53 AM

So...Is Your Table Dressed--Tell Me About It..

I'm thinking of Spring. Warmer Weather. Baseball Season Starts. Easter. College Graduation. The season to start driving barefoot. Spring Cleaning. New Table Linens.

Yes. I'm obsessed with the setting of my dining room table. NO--NOT IN AN AUNT SANDY KIND OF WAY!! I'm not one for tablescapes. However, I am obsessed with table linens. I have my favorite tablecloths...and napkins....and placemats...and chargers...and dishes and silverware.

I love to dress the table on a daily basis. There is something so nice and comforting to me about leaving for work in the morning and seeing my dining room table at the ready for dining when I return.

Many of my table cloths have a history....and I love getting great ones on can find nice ones anywhere from e-bay to William Sonoma...Walmart to Bloomies...Goodwill to garage sales..vintage is fun....and it goes on and on and on..

So...tell me's your table? Is it ready for Chowhound meals?

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  1. I, too, love a beautifully dressed table. I have tons of table linens, inherited from everyone, and many purchased by me. I love my old favorites - Christmas wouldn't be the same without Nanny's red embroidered table cover, or Easter without the green one. Outdoor picnics are always the white with cross stitch pink roses. Many of my things have been handed down for so long, you can barely make out the original colors anymore. I love the feeling of setting my table with the same cloths my grandmother's mother used.

    On the other hand, I cannot resist the treat of brand new, stain free linens. Clean, crisp napkins make me happy. I have learned the hard way, though, never to set the table in advance. It seems the cat likes them as well, and will not pass up the chance to nap in the middle of the table.

    1. Kind of.

      I bought some new dinnerware (Thomas O'Brien's Tiago by Reed & Barton, in blue), but I don't like the flatware. Not because of the way it looks, but because the bowls on the spoons are so deep and narrow, they don't fit in my mouth properly. I've been trying out different flatware sets on the table, but I haven't really found anything for the normal mouth that I like better.

      Thankfully, I only bought one set of the flatware.

      1. I love using my wooden placemats. They're connected tiles of light wood squares reversible to a darker wood. My plates have a light blue and silver pattern and I just love the finished look of the placemats and dishes on the table.

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          I've been eyeing some wooden placemats. I think they would be great for summer and I can also take them to the table on our desk--they seem sturdy, but yet nice and neat looking.

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            I'm also a fan of wooden placemats. Not so big on tablecloths, but I love a beautiful set of natural placements in a variety of shades and styles!

        2. I have a very vivid memory of visiting my college roommate's parents house and seeing a beautiful dining room table set up for our dinner. I felt so special that her mom took the time to make it pretty. My owm mother never cooked and certainly never would have given any thought to the table.

          I don't do anything to my table at home but I keep the table at our weekend cottage "dressed" (I have no explaination as to why one table over the other)

          I am also a sucker for table cloths. I have several passed down to me that survived WWII and I just love them, the thickness, the texture, the design (my family's city of origin was pretty much destroyed and I wish I knew how so many fantastic table cloths and napkins survived)

          I have been picking up seasonal table cloths as they catch my eye. I like to add seasonal things from the outdoors to the table, like a platter of various pine cones around Christmas, to the scene.

          I was surprised how much my husband likes seeing the table all done up. In the first 15 years together, he never once mentioned having an opinion on table dressing.

          1. Nice to know l am not alone.
            Tablecloth-Black died linen from Portes de Vanves marches au puce in Paris

            Chargers-Armetale giants, alloy no pattern or markers

            Dishes-Small Japanese pottery, white with black 'truffle' marks with circular pattern in porcelain

            Water goblets-Antique Confiture glasses, France, all slightly different

            Wine glasses-Alsace white glasses that have the best deep bong when clinked, with a big 'T' on them as came from Troisgros.

            Cutlery-Antique ivory handled Laguiole knives
            Grand Baroque forks/spoons

            Knife rests-Plugs from large conch, impossible to describe but awesome to look at

            Centerpiece-Antique huge tripe pot of pottery from Normandy.

            On the otherhand, my bed has just a coverlet

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              Wow! Your table sounds great! I can't wait for June..going back to France and will be making some purchases to get my table dressed to remind me of Province!