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Mar 4, 2011 06:40 AM

Where to find fish off the boat?

I'm looking for other places to find fish off the boat--I'm really happy where I just found some (Haulover), but people ask me all the time where they can get fish that's near to them. So, if you know other sources, let me know.

It is ironic that, surrounded by water, it is SO hard to find really fresh fish. You know what I mean: right off the boat fish. Never refrigerated, never frozen, not caught 6 weeks ago and now labelled as fresh, etc. (Fish probably has more fraud than any other food.)

--Key Biscayne. Once you get past the toll booths, you head past the Miami Seaquarium, go over a bridge and right after it, there's a marina on the right (west side). Sports fishing boats go out and sell some of their catch. 4000 Crandon Blvd, Miami FL 33149. (might not be an exact address). There's a few boats there, but here's one: L&H They suggest calling first (305) 361-9318, because the boats come back at different times, but on the weekends late afternoon is a safe bet. Prices were $8-14/lb. the day I went. They fillet for you as you watch. I ate the fish raw over a few days; the best fish I've had in many years. (No way would I eat store bought fish raw.)
--Haulover. Haven't been but I hear the address is: 10200 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach FL. Marina is on the right (west side) across from Haulover Beach
--Pompano. Used to go as a kid. Somewhere near Atlantic Blvd.

There's got to be more . . . .

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  1. Casablanca Fish Market on the Miami River, near downtown has their own fishing boats and an excellent selection. Years ago they used to sell from their boats on Watson Island. The fish market and attached restaurant are very popular. Crowded on weekends, take a number and they cut fresh fish to order.

    1. anything north of miami? like WPB or north of that?

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        Recently saw a sign at the entrance to a boat shop/marina on Dixie Highway just before V which goes left to stay on Dixie, right to enter Federal in either Lantana or southern edge of Lake Worth. Sign said something like: "We have fish today" and it appeared that one could go in there and buy some "off the boats". Sorry I have no more information than that.

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          The boats near Two Georges in Boynton sometimes sell their catch in the afternoon. There's one party boat and a bunch of charter boats, right along that canal.