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Mar 4, 2011 06:15 AM

Cubano Sandwich in DC NoVA Area?

Would a Chounder please recommend where I can obtain an excellent one? I am in desparate need of such a antidote to my hunger pangs. And, no, Subway's version does not merit mention.

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  1. I had a decent one at Clyde's Tower Oaks location in Rockville just last week.

      1. re: VirginiaPepper

        I second Fast Gourmet - best Cuban sandwich I've ever had (and I've had them in Miami and in Cuba). They roast their own pork for hours and it tastes like it. Great sandwich and mediocre fries for about $8.50.

        1. re: VirginiaPepper

          Yes!!! I actually tried another neighborhood cubano last weekend - there's this relatively newish wine shop on 18th Street in Adams Morgan, and they have a charcuterie/cheese counter and sell a couple sandwiches. It was good, and they clearly use good ingredients and make your sandwich fresh, but it was definitely not as good (or as big) as Fast Gourmet's - particularly the roast pork component.

          1. re: hamster

            I'll be the nth to sign on to Fast's Cubano, but I'm also curious--hamster, where's this shop you're talking about? Is it A & M? If so, I didn't know that they had a Cubano.

            1. re: marcj

              Yep, that's the place. I went last Saturday and they had a cubano, along with a couple other sandwiches on the menu.

              1. re: hamster

                Good to know. I had a nice salami-based sandwich there a while back--maybe on election day 2010?--but hadn't been there since, and didn't remember seeing a cubano on the menu.

          2. re: VirginiaPepper

            Thirded, and I actually rather like the fries.

            1. re: VirginiaPepper

              fourth! fast gourmet is fantastic! my only quip was i wanted more pickles. The pork was very impressive!

              1. re: VirginiaPepper

                Fifith. This is the best cubano I have had since I left NYC. It is an excellent version with juicy roasted and pulled pork. He marinates it for hours and then cooks it for 4 hours or more. It really is succulent. No dry sliced pork grossness at all.

              2. Banana Cafe

                Also, the Puerto Rican Piononos and Carnitas are delicious!!

                1. The Cubano at Breadline is an excellent one. Thursday lunch only. Though I've seen the one at Fast Gourmet pass before my eyes and I was jealous.

                  1. I would add Caribbean Grill on Lee Hwy in Arlington to the list of places with acceptable versions. I also like Earl's for a bit of a non-traditional, but good approach.

                    The Caribbean Grill
                    5183 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22207

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