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Mar 4, 2011 02:53 AM

Where to buy salt cod in London

Where can I buy salt cod in London?


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  1. im pretty sure they have this at a lot of the caribbean grocers in hackney... at least i think thats what it is? i can double check next time i'm there

    1. I recall seeing quite a bit at the back of Lisboa Patisserie on Plender. It is a bakery but they also carry a lot of Portuguese products in the back.

      1. Thanks. I am based in NW London - so looking for somewhere local, but could make it up to Hackney at some point.

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        1. re: miss chicken wing

          There's a Lisboa Patisserie in Notting hill.

          1. re: r.vacapinta

            I spotted some in Tesco in Balham! So maybe they will have it in other supermarkets too.

            1. re: Jenny Sheridan

              i've seen it in a number of supermarkets

        2. Loads of it in Brixton, as there is both a Portuguese and Caribbean community.

          1. Where do you live and want to shop for it? N, S, E or W?