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Mar 3, 2011 08:20 PM

Codex Calixtinus mystery

We are going to be in Spain over Easter, and wanted to try the Codex Calixtinus restaurant in Segovia province. By all accounts, this restaurant had closed, and though they have a website, it seems inactive. On the other hand, someone posted a review of this restaurant at tripadvisor in January of this year (all in Spanish, which I don't speak). Can anyone explain this mystery? Is this a back-from-the-dead story? (I tried sending an email and never got a response, although it would not be the first time. English might be a problem).

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  1. Interesting mystery. Do try e-mailing them again, this time send the e-mail with your question both in English and in translation (via a friend or an online translation site). The place does look lovely.

    1. I don't have any direct experience with the restaurant, but I can tell you what the tripadvisor review says:

      Codex Calixtinus is located in Cañicosa (Segovia province), so if you're not from the area or led there by a classic food guide (Michelin, Gourmet) it's hard to find out about. It's located in an old stone country house that has been carefully restored with a cozy chimney that warms things up considerably in the winter (even more if you like the smell of a wood fire). The menu is fairly limited, but very imaginative with a northern [Spanish] influence. After several visits, I would recommend the marinated foie gras and glazed apple [note: usually a baked apple with a sugar glaze], and the desserts, especially the prune/plum cookies with prune/plum mousse and farmers' cheese [queso fresco]. The salmon tartar, orange duck sirloins, and squid rice [arroz cremoso de chipirón] are very good. I strongly recommend that you finish off your meal with the dessert sampler. The restaurant is very close to Pedraza, which makes it a great option before or after visiting the village.

      It's definitely the case that a lot of restaurants here don't respond to email...

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        For what it's worth, I tried the phone number on their website and it's not working... probably not a good sign...

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          Thanks for going to the trouble, butterfly. The restaurant is either closed or in deep stealth mode (undoubtedly the former). I will try and get to the bottom of the mystery on my trip, and report back.

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            The word was that this restaurant closed in 2009. But there is fantastic eating in nearby Pedraza...although of a more rustic vein.

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                One of my favorite eating memories in Spain is the lechazo, or suckling lamb, which is a specialty of that area. There are many places, called asadors, or roasting taverns, that will offer this dish, but the closest one to the former Codex space that I know would be El Yantar in Pedraza. This is rustic, local eating at its best. It is casual and you need to book in advance, especially if you are there on a weekend. They are open only for mid-day meal and closed on Mondays. Vegetarians need not apply!