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Mar 3, 2011 08:09 PM

Basha restaurant in Toronto?!

I was walking up Yonge Street the other day, between Bloor and Wellesley, and from across the street, I swear I spotted a very familiar looking logo - the logo for the Basha Mediterranean restaurant chain from Montreal. I didn't have time to cross the street and investigate further, but could it be?? Is the Basha chain actually coming to Toronto, or is it just another place with the same name and a suspiciously similar logo??

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  1. I wish.. If it is called Basha I'd bet its of no relation?

    Toronto shawarma is just awful

    1. Well if Basha's setting up post in Toronto I am hoping for fresh and awesome food you get at their Ste-Catherine and Metcalfe joint rather than the sully and questionnable stuff the Sherbrooke and university location served with a snide of racist remarks. Torontonians won't tolerate even worse middle eastern fare than what the city already offers so hoping Basha puts on it's best face forward.

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        I don't know how it would even be possible to make a worse shawarma than what's already available in Toronto

        Keep us posted on the Basha news!

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          I find it kind of depressing that Basha is an exciting prospect.

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          1. Hi guys. I went to this Basha on Yonge St this past weekend. NOT the Montreal chain!
            You go in and it's hot and empty no food displayed. You get your food and it's NOT the generous middle eastern servings you get anywhere else.
            I got shish tawook and salad. Their shish tawook skewers are small and their salad is iceberg lettuce and tomato some red onion, a SMALL salad. A little bit of grilled veggies and I mean like a tbsp of grilled onions, tbsp of grilled tomato that's it lol.
            The chicken shawerma meat on my bf's plate does not look freshly cut either.
            The flavor was ok/good but nothing to go back for.
            We went to Kabob Grill on Bay St the night before, got 2 generous plates for $22. This Basha charged $26 for the same order but 1/3 of the food.
            Let me put it this way, their portion was so small I went to Swiss chalet RIGHT after and got a qtr chicken with a baked potato and devoured it. And I'm not joking ask my bf lol.
            Don't waste your time guys

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              Same logo and name but with higher prices and mediocre food? Sad.