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Mar 3, 2011 07:58 PM

Wine question for E by Jose Andres

I'm pregnant and heading to Vegas for a "babymoon" with my husband in May. So of course, I've hopped on Chowhound to see where the latest Chow spot in Vegas is...apparently that is e by Jose Andres. Sounds like an incredible and unforgettable experience. And way out of my budget, but trying to make it work.

At any rate, I normally would never do something as un-Chow-like as asking for special favors when a restaurant is clearly serving a set menu for a set price. But does anyone know if there are ever exceptions to being served wine/alcohol at a slightly lower price? Maybe then I can convince my husband that the cost is worth it!


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  1. I don't know but I'll be there in a week and will ask them.

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      Thanks so much! And obviously, my un-pregnant husband will be paying full boat...

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        I thought about asking you that. But decided that he would have to as to do anything else would be so chintzy.

    2. Why not simply call or email them. This way you'll get a direct answer. Ask for Stephanie.

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        Do you have a number for them? I've seen the reservation email address but haven't found a #. Thanks!

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          As far as I know, they only have email. You can email using the reserve email address. Or call Jaleo around 5 or 8PM (before both services start) and see if you can get someone from E that way.

      2. I seem to recall some one on here mentioning one of the diners at his seating not drinking alcohol so they prepared some non-alcoholic cocktails for him instead.

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          They sent me a form to fill in to confirm my reservation and provide credit card info. (to deal with no-shows) - On the form there is a "no alcohol" box to check. There is a blurb abouth the price being $250. My reading of this is they will fix you some nice and appropriate non-alcoholic drinks to go with your meal and I'd imagine they would have to be appropriately spectacular. This would tend to conform with Zippyh's report.

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            Thanks! Maybe I won't save any money, but at least I will have something inventive and fun for me, instead of drinking water all night...

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              That's good to know about the "no alcohol" box to check. I'm very fussy when it comes to wine, and I find that most wine pairings are too much alcohol for me. I'm going to send my email requesting a reservation on Monday. Wish me luck!

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                Today should be a lucky day since I received my confirm from e that I was able to get my requested reservation. I opted for the non-alcoholic beverages since I don't drink too much (and I'd love to remember all of the food). The emails from e were very prompt and nice. I didn't know they have a 14 day cancellation policy (if you cancel less than 14 days, there is a charge of $125; that's a bit harsh since Per Se has a 3 day cancellation policy and Momofuku Ko has a 24 hour cancellation policy. Hopefully they'll eventually shorten the time period for the penalty to the 1 - 3 day period). I'm thrilled to have gotten the reservation, and will report back after my trip. Thanks to all on the LV board who have provided wonderful reports and advice!

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                Hey Kage ..... we are going next week as well. 5:30 seating on 3/10.

                I haven't seen this email. When did you receive the email?

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                  I made a reservation for next week. They sent me back a form to fill in - it arrived within 24 hours of my emailing my request and was attached to the email comfirming my reservation - it said I had 48 hours to return it - I made my reservation 2 days ago and their email came back yesterday (I think this is a new policy to deal with no-showa). It asked for credit card info and had a few extra boxes to check regarding alcohol, allergies, special diet etc. Also had their price and no show policy on it. I guess I'll be meeting you Mr & Mrs Cutlet as I have the same reservation. I'll be the fat Brit. Are you planning on dressing up? I was hoping to go casual as long as that wouldn't make you uncomfortable. I think their dress code is casual.

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                      Kage > I never got the attachment. Oh well....I'll figure it out. Assuming i have a reservation (they sent me a confirm).....

                      I am the guy bringing two young ladies....Mrs. Cutlet is home with the kids (and not to happy about my dinner dates).

                      Should be fun.....

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                        Oh...and i'm wearing jeans with a button down

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                          Perfect..that's absolutly fine!!

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                      This poster mentions a non-alcohol-drinking companion received a variety of mocktails http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/763600 and linked to this photo http://nissens.net/images/2011Vegas90... .

                  1. I'm not certain if they make discounts for non-drinkers as they did not have the form to fill out when we went. I think they put that in place right after us, since when we went it was only my wife and I at the table because everyone else cancelled, with no financial penalty. Their loss, but our gain. Because having Stephanie, Edwin, and the rest of the staff just hanging out, chatting, and cooking for us was one of the greatest experiences ever.
                    Also of note, the $250 price also includes your tax. For the 2 of us it was $500 even. Wine/Tax/Gratuity. Though I gave extra gratuity just because they made our entire trip.
                    I have to say: if it is at all financially feasible, GO. Especially since you and your husband are there as a celebration. It's terrific. I know its crazy to say $500 for dinner is a "steal" but it really is. Beyond worth it. It's a must do.
                    Also, if you get the chance, go to China Poblano. Edwin recommended a ton of dishes. So we went the next day at lunch. Forgot what to order, so we just told the waiter Edwin sent us, told him to bring us whatever he (the waiter) liked to eat best, and he brought us amazing dishes. Also didn't try to gouge us on prices, brought regular priced dishes when he could have easily jacked us with the most expensive things on the menu.
                    Amazing tacos, fried rice, and dim sum.
                    Andres, in addition to great food, seems to have stellar staff to spare.

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                      Heeney, that was an excellent post. I think the $250 per person price....even though it sounds expensive, is actually reasonable for the experience that you get. especially in an overpriced city like Vegas. This is a real, genuine, fabulous experience. If it were in NYC, you'd NEVER get in!!

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                        We were the only couple the night we went due to cancellations too. It was superbowl weekend so everything else was pretty busy that night. Kind of strange to be the only ones in the private room like that.

                        I don't blame them for implementing a CC requirement.

                      2. Just went this past Friday. They're more than happy to make a non-alcoholic pairing for you, but the price is the same. Still, I think it's worthwhile to go.