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Mar 3, 2011 07:35 PM

Shmura Matzah in South Florida

Going for Pesach and so far have been quoted $21 per lb. Anyone know of a more reasonable place?

Thank You!

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  1. That's not much more than what I remember paying last year in NY for the local/domestic stuff. The matzah imported from Israel (very thick) is usually cheaper.

    1. That is the price range here in Chicago

      1. too early to tell. the only place I already saw matzah here in South Florida was BJ's and it was not shmura. Where exactly are you going to be? Miami, Hollywood, Boca?

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        1. re: David_BocaFL

          boca, someone told me to try that new market that opened by gulfstream

          1. re: pitagirl

            Jacob's Market in Gulfstream is fantastic

            1. re: pitagirl

              Jacob's Market. I saw an ad saying that they're going to have a pesach tent in the parking lot. Might be worth a phone call asking the prices...