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Foodies coming to St. Petersburg, FL.. Help!

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I have company coming to visit me in St. Pete. I am new to this area and haven't been to many restaurants. I know that they would like to take me out to dinner, but I don't know any restaurants that they would like. They have eaten in some great restaurants around the country, so I would like to take them to a good one in St. Pete. Since they will probably be paying for the meal, I would not like to take them to something that is outrageously expensive. Help, please help.

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  1. Have you gone thru this thread...


    1. Take them to Bella Brava or something in the area, it's a nice area.

      Bella Brava
      515 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

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        I was across the street last weekend at Cassis and was treated to the whole drunk homeless dude escapade. Guy sits down at an empty table and starts harassing customers. Management comes out full-force in a very threatening and unpleasant way. Al fresco dining in St. Pete is always an adventure. I am sorry to say that wasn't the worst part of the meal.

        1. re: CFishman

          wow cass. that's some review. glad i missed that. i hate being witness to uncomfortable confrontations, especially when i'm paying for a meal.

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            Ya know...I keep being tempted to try Cassis, but that little voice in my head keeps telling me to "just. say. no.". Menu looks nice, but online reviews are all over the board.

            The hubster and I were downtown with the furkids (our labs) a few months ago, and Cassis manager (?...or maybe some other non-wait-staff employee) was on the sidewalk when we walked by and asked us if our guys needed any water...which ordinarily would be enough to reel me in. I still felt ambivalent. We went to Cafe Alma instead.

            CFishman...I'm curious. How (bad) was the food?

            Cafe Alma
            260 1st Ave S Ste 100, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

            1. re: sweet_polly

              I have had good meals there, but this one wasn't one of them. My wife ordered mussels and fries but they didn't come out together. Notifying the waitress of this didn't help. I started with the sweetbreads, which they actually do very well. They come with beets and a horseradish sour-cream. For my entree, I decided to bite the bullet and try their fried chicken. I am a fried chicken fanatic, so this was not likely to end well. They served me two pieces of chicken that resembled schnitzel as much as anything else. They serve a hangar steak that I have enjoyed. At lunch I once had a grouper sandwich that I also liked. I am sure I will get over this last meal, but my enthusiasm for the place has waned a bit. In terms of the "incident," it wasn't as bad as what happened to a group I was with at Diner 437 where we actually felt threatened by young drunk idiots. I don't know why, but whenever I am in St. Pete I always feel like a Cops episode is about to break out.

              1. re: CFishman

                I'm with ya there, I was in St Pete yesterday for the market (which I really enjoyed!) but man it still is St Pete, any way you slice it. I've had 3 good meals at Cassis now, I hope I continue to luck out, i've heard some horror stories.

                1. re: askdrtodd

                  If you had said something, I would have met up with you! I go about once a month, but wasn't using the produce I was buying. Yes, there is a number of homeless individuals, but I never feel unsafe down there! There is so much good food too! I like grabbing a knish at Brooklyn Knish, a pizza across the way at a place whose name I forget or a paleta from the paleta lady...coconut cream please.

                  1. re: TampaAurora

                    I shoulda messaged u, me sorry. I'll prolly head out again in the next couple/three weeks, will letcha know. having fellow foodie buddies would've been a treat!!

        2. Agree that downtown St. Pete is very nice with lots of good choices. It's also a lovely area to walk along the waterfront, detox, and digest after the meal. In addition to Bella Brava, I like Cafe Alma, St. Pete Brasserie and Gratzzi. All respectable choices and none will break the bank.





          Bella Brava
          515 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

          Cafe Alma
          260 1st Ave S Ste 100, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

          1. If they are foodies they have probably done their home work and already know where they are taking you ;-)

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              I love that!

              1. re: rhnault

                Hope they are taking you to Bern's

                1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                  I have to choose the place. And it will be in St. Pete, not Tampa. Is there a Bern's in St. Pete?

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                      hahahahhahaha @ cass

              2. I'm heading down to St-Pete in about 10 days and looking for the best outdoor dining spots, preferably with a view of the water. Willing to travel up to Clearwater too. Ocean view or bay view is all good to me. Because the outdoor view thing is #1, I'm willing to settle on the food quality--its gotta still be great, but not necessarily the greatest. Suggestions? Oh, and I would love to meet up with other foodies if that works--that would be bonus!

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                  I too am heading into St. Pete for a one to two night stay - would like hotel and food recommendations for solo visitor. I thought about staying out at beach (PCI), but it looks like all the nightlife and restaurants are in town.

                  1. re: imthedecidah

                    I like Z Grille if you're downtown. Hotel- not sure. What's your price range?

                    Z Grille
                    104 2nd St S, St Petersburg, FL