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Mar 3, 2011 06:30 PM


Hi, I went to Imadake last night, and want to share my experience with you.

The moment we entered the restaurant, the staff warmly greeted us in Japanese. The decor is minimalist (black chalkboard, wooden stools, modern lighting), and the waiters and waitresses interestingly wear Japanese school uniforms(?).

As appetizers, we tried the beef tataki, takoyaki, chicken karaage and okonomikayi. The beef tataki with yuzu sauce was kind of dry, we thought it'd be like a carpaccio but instead it was grilled, perhaps a bit too overcooked. The takoyaki was just okay, not amazing, it was deep fried instead of grilled in the takoyaki mold. The chicken karaage was the best, it was deep fried yet it wasn't oily at all. The okonomikayi was a let down. We ordered the pork belly one, but they brought us the seafood one. They put some kind of vegetables ( i believe daikon carrots) which were not cooked fully, made the okonomikayi very crunchy. I don't know if this could happen, but the texture overtook the flavors.

As main course, we had the "cha siu" pork belly ramen, the spicy chicken ramen, the "raw steak" ramen, and the black cod miso ramen. You could have it with either miso broth or soya broth.

We all chose the miso broth, and were happy with this choice. The broth was richly flavored, a tad salty, but since everything else in the noodle weren't, it balanced out. The raw steak one had the same beef as the beef tataki. Had we known this, we would have ordered something else.

Overall, the food was good, but not fabulous. With 4 appetizers, 4 ramens, 1 beer and 3 teas, the bill came to 120$ tax and tip included (for what we had, i found this a bit steep, considering I spent the same amount at Kazu and walked out mesmerized). I suppose the expectations were too high. Would I go back? probably not for now. There is a somewhat amature-like feeling to the restaurant which I cannot pinpoint why, perhaps the service, perhaps the flavors.

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  1. thx for the review as I had been thinking of this place for this weekend.

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      Finally got to Imadake tonite and ordered exactly what Saltnpepperwhat ate plus beef tongue grilled and the miso octopus and gyoza as well 2 steamed rice and a miso soup...All the dishes were superb simply superb in each and every dish we ordered; the owner gracious; the crowd nouveau and young the ambience fun but most importantly the food was simply sublime, superb and so fresh that I don't think I even got the chance to chew anything - this baby Montrealers need to make sure grows a lot older and stays a long time...stuffed to the point of no dessert + 1 glass diet coke under 60 bucks incl tax no tip. For me the best of all these dishes was the Tataki that I know Saltnpepperwhat found too dry but I found it just perfect. Now on my list of go-to restos and what I enjoyed more than anything was not having to wait in a line as the place is large and accommodating for my age group. Not many friends I go out with enjoy eating at counters like Kazu so that limits us to just us whereas Imadake can be a fun place if you are 4 for more.

    2. I had take out lunch of the Char Siu ramen (decent), takoyaki (soggy), and gyoza (horrible).
      Kazuo told me it's his "friend" at the helm so you can ask him what's up with the bad okonomiyaki.

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        I tried Imadake this weekend and had a completely different experience than yours. I loved it.

        The beef tataki was succulent and very much like a carpaccio: completely raw and thinly sliced.
        I had squid yaki which was simply grilled, not overcooked. A good spicy mayo and lemon on the side. Mmm.
        The seafood okonomiyaki was to die for. The best one I had so far. It had lots of seafood, which was grilled. The smokey flavor was enhenced by the bonito flakes that melted in my mouth. Cabbage, yes! Topped with seaweed, pickled ginger and those dancing bonito flakes. I often find there's too much sauce and mayo and this time it was just perfect. Yum!
        I ordered the Imadake ramen (pork) in miso broth, which was the let down: Only two small pieces of pork that looked like simmered bacon, without the smoke. A few spinach (I think) leaves. Tasted good but I expected meat in my noodles.
        Great service. They had a group of 20 loud youngsters (that didn't bother us at all), they warned us the service would be slow, but it wasn't slow at all and they were paying attention. They apologized about 5 times about the noise when we left... (dudes, don't worry about it!) I love japanese service.

        1. re: Eating this order

          I experience pretty much the same thing as you. Food is superb: we had the okonomiyaki and the beef tongue and it was one of the best meal in an asian restaurant in years. But here come the flowers, wait for the pot...

          Service was horrible: the waiter forgot our order of edame (salty peas that are eaten as an apetizer) and brought them all during the main course. He also forgot to tell me they were out of ramen. So when my partner got his food i got a very brief apology and a copy of the menu. I then order the okonomiyaki. Munched the edame while my (oh so nice and empathic) partner give me half of his beef. Half an hour later, again the apologic waiter come to tell me that it was 10 more minutes for my food... I ordered one of the longuest dish to cook on the menu. Again should I have known, I would have made another choice.

          We entered at 6 and finished our meal at 8... When they asked us for desert, I declined and responded I had to be in bed by midnight. The new waitress did not understood my sarcasm and obliged politely.

          Bottomline, loved the food but was really disapointed about their efficiency that night. Will certainly not return.

          1. re: matt_in_montreal

            Were they busy? It's too bad about your experience. Every time I have been it has been very quiet and we eat early - the owner has always been around - you should call him and tell him as I am pretty sure he would like to know ... or email him.

      2. Went with some friends this past weekend. Service was nice, though they kept coming back to us to confirm our orders.

        Ordered a soy sauce ramen with egg, bamboo shoot, shrimp tempura, king mushrooms. Was alright but nothing to write home. Same thing for the steak and miso ramen that a friend ordered. Though for some reason another friend's miso sauce tasted too much like paste and was almost undrinkable. The takoyaki was probably frozen and deep fried though my friends enjoyed the okonomiyaki and (grilled?) black cod. The beer, plum wine and sake bombs were good though haha.

        The food is average (don't go for the ramen) but for a "pub" it's not bad. I think I'd come back in a few weeks to try it again since I saw some different menu items on that giant chalkboard of theirs (more unique dishes?). For the prices though I expected a little more, not exhorbitant, just a ltitle lacking.

        1. We went last night and somehow, between the five of us, only three of us had dinner ... ? My husband ordered a series of appetizers, while the rest of us ordered ramen with gyoza (6 gyoza for $3 when added to a ramen order).

          When we all devoured his appetizers .. so tempting and many came with 5 pieces so that worked out well for us, he decided to order more food but the waiter said it was so busy that it would take very long so it was better not to. I'd ordered the black cod miso ramen so I told him we could share. But then my order was put in wrong and I got the black miso cod but no ramen. When the other three ramens did arrive they were devoured by our hungry children and my father and there was no hope of sharing the gyoza. I asked what had happened to my ramen and was also told, better not to order anything else, it will take too long.

          So all in all, the gyoza were good, the few bites of appetizers were nice but when one depends on a ramen for the main meal, and the ramens aren't actually ordered, it is all a bit confusing and unsatisfying. I enjoyed the octopus balls, the goat cheese balls were interesting, the eel on crunchy rice was very nice, so perhaps when you want a snack and you are nearby, this is not a bad place. Perhaps we should have been more assertive, perhaps our kids eat too much, but it was all rather odd. There are better ramens to be found, so we wouldn't go there for that.

          1. We gave Imadake a try tonight and we enjoyed ourselves quite a bit.

            Plates ranged from 3$ for edamame to 10$ for miso black cod...

            First round:
            Fried octopus balls
            White fish carpaccio
            Beef tataki with ponzu
            Miso beef tongue

            Second round:
            Grilled oyster mushroom yaki
            Black cod miso
            Cold udon noodles in broth
            Pork belly yaki

            I had the beer with campari and then the beer with ginger ale. My SO had a couple of draft beers. We shared a green tea cheesecake for dessert.

            The standouts for us were the tataki, the octopus balls, the mushrooms and the grilled beef tongue. Noodles were also delish but hard to share.... The rest was quite nice. Least faves: The grilled pork belly was grilled but somewhat flavourless, the edamame were under salted for my personal taste.

            Presentation of the dishes is well done, nicely plated. Pretty fast service too. The interior is sparse and modern, with a few amusing twists. Seating is on backless crates or wooden benches, so it's not very comfy (not a good destination for one's elderly parents, for example). Service is attentive and enthusiastic. Crowd was half asian.

            Cost: 135$ with tip. I'll go back.