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Mar 3, 2011 03:19 PM

Hamburger Buns in the East Valley

So I have 3 lbs of the most amazing hamburger blends in my freezer that came from the Bryan's Fine Foods website... It's expensive but totally worth trying at least once... (Good luck with trying them just once.)

Here's my problem though... I can't find a bun that's worthy of putting this delicious meat on top of in the East Valley. Can anyone recommend a source for good buns? The stuff you find in Bashas and Safeway just isn't gonna cut it... :)

I'm willing to drive elsewhere too (Phoenix, Scottsdale) that's how fantastic this meat is.

I appreciate your help in advance.


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  1. Most of the time, I use the par-baked ciabatta rolls from Trader Joe's for making sandwiches. Of course, these buns (once completely baked) have a thicker, harder crust and airier crumb than a standard burger bun, but I appreciate their sturdiness when I'm biting into a juicy burger.

    1. I think AJ's has some brioche buns that would fit the bill nicely. I've had burgers at their patio grills and remember the bun being exceptional. Well, the whole sandwich was exceptional, but for the price they were asking it should darn well better be.

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        Well zero hour is fast approaching and I wasn't able to get out today and search... I was going to go to AJ's and look but I couldn't get out. I was able to run to Basha's when I went to the bank and found a couple of french style rolls that look pretty good...

        The blend we're trying tonight is 50% Wagyu Chuck, 25% Punta De Anca, and 25% Prime Brisket Fat Blend... Can't wait...