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Mar 3, 2011 02:55 PM

Reception Dinner

Possibly looking at a 14-20 person reception dinner in Vegas and I would need to keep the price at around $2k or less for the entire thing including wine / champagne

Want to do a very nice dinner for everyone, i was thinking i could accomplish this at Cut, Craftsteak, or Sage from looking at the forums.

Does anyone have some pro's or cons to a larger event any of these restaurants or have an idea of some other places i should be considering - Does anyone have prior experience getting a discount on wine/drinks, i dont want everyone drinking 5 buck chuck, but i figure i have to be selective about what is spent if they dont come down off the normal 2-3x prices and still get a very nice dinner for everyone with that budget was thinking to keep the wine between 20-40 / bottle

any help appreciated

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  1. If you were to order straight from the menu, I think it would be very hard to get out of CUT for less than $150pp including drinks, wine and gratuity.

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    1. re: josephnl

      i think i underestimated the vegas upcharge - i found the craftsteak group menu package...does anyone know if cut group package runs around the same...might have to look at something a bit cheaper - anyone have any other ideas?

      Would Sage fit the bill best? they seem to have steaks and a few other options - i have seen people mention on the forum "ordering carefully from sage you can have a terrific meal" so could anyone expand a bit more on that statement

      1. re: Dapuma

        Cut's group dining packages are listed on the Wolfgang Puck website

        In relation to Sage, I think you will struggle to fit wine and food for even 14 people at under $2,000 including tax and tip. My fiancee and I are having our wedding reception there in April and our budget per person is substantially more (no offence). Your best bet would be to look at the their 4-course menu ($80) with wine/beer pairing ($40) - That will cost more than you have budgeted for but you will at least have a guaranteed cost once tax and tip are added in.

        1. re: namor

          Did they do a good job with the reception at Sage? Is there anything you loved or anything you would have changed?

          I am probably going to have to expand the budget, after going over the menu's it looks like Mrs Dapuma likes the menu and decor of Sage

          1. re: Dapuma

            Our reception is this upcoming April so our report will have to wait until then, but I can say that between Aria's group dining events manager and the Sage sommelier they have thus far been very helpful and accommodating.

            1. re: namor

              Ate at Sage for the fifth or sixth time this past weekend. Food continues to be outstanding and the service excellent. The lobster agnolotti were delicious as was the char. The crab salad was another standout

              1. re: namor

                namor - do you have the email for the person to speak to for the group dining events manager? Or should i just put the request in through the site and let it go from there

      2. There are a few higher end places in LV that allow corkage, but I highly doubt anyone will give you a straight discount on alcohol.

        1. ok so i have doubled the budget, does anyone know the person to speak to about getting a sampling menu customized to give everything a test run to figure out a proper menu for what will want at the reception, also who would be the primary coordnator

          1. I recomend You go to Joes stone crab @ Caesars. Reason being they are constantly catering to wedding receptions( I eat there about 4-8x a month here, and they really aim to make great receptions). They have a large back room to accomidate your whole party while feeling like you have your own restaurant. And last but not least, the price will be in your range.

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            1. re: BedazzledLV

              Two weeks until I get hitched and then I will provide a review of Sage as a wedding reception venue. Service leading up the event (both within Sage and from Aria events management) has been fantastic, especially considering we are travelling from overseas.

              1. re: namor

                I am working with Sage/Aria for the reception as well they have been great so far

                look forward to hearing your review - did you make alot of menu changes? Which menu did you select? a, b, c ?

                I have been to the Joe's Stone Crab in Miami - and it is wonderful, probably had the best restaurant experience I have ever had starting with Jeff behind the bar there - simply amazing

                I do have to say Sage is not in my inital posted budget we increased that quite a bit as well as increased the number of people

                1. re: Dapuma

                  It was the more expensive of the three so I presume it was (c).

                  The only change we made was to the last main course, where we made it duck or steak as the options.

                  1. re: namor

                    that is the one we went with as well

                    the mrs (soon to be) had went there to try it out and they made her a tasting menu - kind of like uhockey did - so she tried alot of stuff on the menu, the only change we made was we subbed out the lobster for another fish on the 3rd course (she raved about the scallops) and switched the main course to ribeye and halibut versus veal and steak

                    let me know how it goes - congrats

                    1. re: Dapuma

                      LOL I wish I could be one of your reception guests ;-D They will be very spoiled that's for sure.
                      I too really love the atmosphere at Joe's. Having eaten there for over 6 years(at this location), I have never had a bad experience. In Vegas, restaurant consistency is shoddy at best. Overall between ambiance, food, and service Joe's is the most consistent. Eli & Tim, the matre d's are phenomenal(a lost art in vegas IMHO). Also Keith who is a waiter in the evening is one of the best... though all of their wait staff is above average. The bussers here are ridiculously good... I blink and plates are gone, table de-crumbed. Drinks miraculously refill(i'm an ice tea guzzler, nobody but joes keeps up with me).