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Mar 3, 2011 02:02 PM

Trimming lamb shanks??

are you supposed to trim off fat and silverskin from shanks before braising??

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  1. If there is excess fat, you most certainly could, but I have never found there to be much fat on lamb for the silverskin, I do not. I tend to believe removing it would affect the shape of the shank and cause the meat to fall off prematurely during the braise.

    1. Not sure if it makes much difference but these days I take a paring knife and cut a circle around the end of the bone to cut through the tendons. The meat rides up the bone during cooking to make a bit lollipop of meat when done.

      1. i never bother. after cooking, i drain and chill the stock and then skim off the hardened fat before i make sauce out of it.