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Mar 3, 2011 01:54 PM

Anguilla report

I just got back from a wonderful week in Anguilla and since I see little recent threads I thought it would be a good idea to put in my recs. First, the best meal I had was a BBQ place that was just a shack on the road, Joan & Cyril"s BBQ Pit. It was some of the best BBQ I have ever eaten and the one meal that I am still thinking about. The sides are fine and the Johniecakes are a bit different than other places, they are baked so the come off more like saltless pretzels, but it is all about the BBQ, the chicken was great, crispy skin, flavorful meet, and those ribs. Yum.

My other favorite food of the trip was from the French bakery, Le Bon Pain. The pastries and croissants were buttery and flaky, and unlike any I can get in NY. I had them for breakfast almost every day.

Some of the other great meals were Straw Hat, which I think has the best grilled crayfish, Mangoes where I had a great red snapper Asian style and I like there banana split, and Madeariman where i had my favorite rum punch (maybe it was because it was my first). They also had a lovely bouillabaisse special and soup de poisson. I wanted to go back actually, next time.

We had good lunches at Smokey's, Palm Grove, and Gwen's. The latter was a scene on Sunday when they have live music, though we left before the music started because it was two hours late ... Anguilla time. The menus were similar, I had fish or fish sandwiched, the BBQ was good too. Trattoria Tramonto was good too for lunch. All of those places (like most of the island) were slow. But they are at the beach so they encourage you to place and order and go back to get some beaching in. They will let you know when your food is ready.

All in all it was a pretty great foodie trip.

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  1. Thanks for this update..I am in love with the dining scene on AXA. Where is Joan's and Cyrils? We did Klassic Kafe in Nov. I reviewed it on

    Le Bon Pain is fab as is Gerauds.

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      Joan and Cyril's Pit Stop is on the road between Shoal Bay East and Island Harbour, on the right-hand side just before you reach the "T" (you take a left at the "T" to continue on down the road to Le Bon Pain).

    2. We love Anguilla. The food, the people, and the beaches are amazing. No one would die of a heart attack due to stress living there that's for sure. I wish I would have read you were going and I could have recommended a few hidden gems in Saint Maarten since you had to land there to get to Anguilla. I agree the lolo's (locally owned locally operated) are the best BBQ.

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        Skies the Limit was a Lolo we went Grande tell more. I am often in Marigot en route to AXA. LOVE Tropicana and Le Vie en Rose.

      2. On the way to Straw Hat tonight. Had a great lunch at Da Vida today -- stylish decor, relaxed atmosphere, and on the beach, so the little ones could watch the pelicans fish while we waited. I second the Mango's recommendation -- tasty food and a beautiful setting. Owner seated us and made us feel right at home. Blanchard's is a super-splurge, but if you can, do it! Every dish we tried was fantastic, but I would highly recommend key lime pie-in-a-glass and the cracked coconut! Smokey's was good and casual. Gerauds is a delicious bakery/cafe.

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          fun report..Myra at Davida makes the best ginger die you have time to go to Sandbar?

          Consider a special meal at Koal Keel. Amazing setting in a traditional West Indian home.

          Glad you liked Blanchards..such spotty reviews but the review of the cracked coconut is one consistent.


          I have lots of food photos on

        2. We were on Anguilla a month ago. We had exceptional dinners at Straw Hat, Mango's and Tasty's. Picante too, very fresh ingredients.

          I wish we would have made it to Koal Keel and Blanchards but we ran out of time.

          For lunches - Smokey's was very good. I had an excellent green curry half a chicken. Everyone had a different dish and all raved about their food.

          Roys was just so so.

          Sandy Island was very, very good and I thought it was an excellent value for the price.