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Mar 3, 2011 01:30 PM

Help for my non-CHer sister - Waitesfield or Mad River Valley VT - 14 People

My sister will be in this area with a bunch of skiier friends on Friday, 3/11. She is looking for a place that is casual for 14 people post-skiing that accepts reservations and isn't way too pricey. She tried Hideaway but they don't take reservations past 6PM. Really wants a place that will take reservations since they will be meeting up and don't want any long delays. Any recommends. They are eating out at the Common Man on Saturday but now need a more casual place for Friday night around 7 and 8PM. Would be nice if $40 pp or less. Wine and beer drinkers. Since I don't know VT at all even to search the board myself, thought my CH friends could assist. THANKS IN ADVANCE.

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  1. American Flatbread is great. Just what they are looking for...except they do not take reservations. I'd have your sister give them a buzz and ask them what their policy is on large groups...maybe they'll make an exception?

    American Flatbread
    46 Lareau Rd, Waitsfield, VT 05673

    1. Here is a page from the Mad River Valley 4-Season Guide: (to see the whole guide, go to and click on MRV

      Some of my fav flavs:

      Mint Restaurant is a vegetarian tea-house that even meat eaters love. The food is simply and supremely fresh, with things like falafels, corn and cheese quesadillas, fragrant soups and salads, with desserts that are heavenly, It is run by Ilyan in the kitchen and his wife Savitri serving you (she is a magician with teas- I don't even place an order; she just serves me some concoction that is always perfect.) Portions are not huge but seem to end up being perfect! You would end up taking over about 1/2 the restaurant(802) 496-5514

      If it IS meat that you are after, Localfolk Smokehouse has the best barbeque around, there's a pool table and may even have entertainment. They don't take reservations but it might be worth a call. 802-496-5623

      The Big Picture takes reservations for larger parties and they have 2 movie theaters where you can take your food and alcohol into the theater! (right now the illusionist and black swan are playing but it may change) this Sat night they have a Comedy Night in the Lounge at 8. The kitchen is small but should be able to accommodate a party of 14 if they know in advance (802) 496-8994

      Timbers at Sugarbush is right on the mountain and you can get things like local yak sausage. It has a nice bar with convivial apre-ski. 802-583-6800

      Terra Rossa is a hearty Italian place with a brick-fired oven. They don't list taking reservations but if you call Mike he may be able to accommodate you if you promise to behave. 802-583-7676.

      Easy Street Cafe is a great casual lunch spot that dresses up a bit for dinner with an eclectic menu in your price range. Next door is the Purple Moon Pub with even more casual fare and possibly entertainment. I don't think they take reservations but again worth a try. 802-496-7234.

      Just got back from a nice casual dinner at The Den--nice bar with big sports tv-- they have mostly booths so 14 people could work with a couple of booths and a nearby table.

      The Barn Door, Pitcher Inn, Timbers, Green Cup-- all incredible--- all take reservations but may be a bit pricier than you are looking for. Green Cup is fabulous for breakfast or lunch, and chef Jason Guiliano was just nominated for a James Beard award--he has a unique take on flavors and textures.

      American Flatbread does not make exceptions for large groups but you can go in and put your name on the list and that may help-- but you could expect to wait even so. If you are here on Thursday that is a slower night for them and could work. 802-496-8856.

      And you are doing right by going to The Common Man anytime! I have probably forgotten someone, but if you go to the resort guides e-guides, after the grid you have some sample menus that may help!

      And that's all I am going to say about this...

      American Flatbread
      46 Lareau Rd, Waitsfield, VT 05673

      Terra Rossa
      527 Sugarbush Access Rd, Warren, VT 05674

      Purple Moon Pub
      RR 100, Waitsfield, VT 05673

      Green Cup Cafe
      40 Bridge St, Waitsfield, VT 05673

      Barn Door Restaurant - Events Only
      VT-100, Waitsfield, VT 05673

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        This is awesome. Thanks so much. I especially told her about the comedy night this weekend.