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Mar 3, 2011 12:33 PM

Fort Lauderdale near Nova

Does anyone know of the kosher food situation near Nova Southeastern in Fort Lauderdale? I know about Cafe Emunah, but it's pretty far from there. Thanks.

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  1. The east campus is about 10-15 minutes from all the kosher options on Stirling in Hollywood.

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      We liked Bon Ami on Stirling. It's a dairy restaurant- we went for dinner and had salad and pasta but they also had a lot of fish options.

    2. For one easy solution, Aroma Kosher Market on Stirling off Nob Hill Road - has all the staples and also a good variety of prepared food. Here's the link to that:

      Also, as DeisCane mentioned, there are numerous kosher shops, etc, also on Stirling...only further east.

      1. You have to try Kosher Burger. Go to 441, on the west side. 5029 state road 7. A hole in the wall with counter order and 4 tables. The best burgers and chicken wings! Not pretentious at all. And so far the best known secret, hence not crowded. Hopefully busy enough to stay in business.

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            The OP needs to clarify if he/she was talking about the Ft Lauderdale campus or the Davie campus. Hollywood is pretty close to either but Margate is pretty far from the FL one.