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Mar 3, 2011 11:39 AM

New Season of Cape Ann Fish CSF starting next week

I just wanted to give anyone who is interested a heads up that the new season starts next week. They have added a new site (Fenway area) and some new share options. Also, there is a bike delivery option via Metro Pedal Power.

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  1. I signed up at the Sharon location (Moose Hill Audubon Preserve). I like that they offer an every other week option of filets or whole fish.

    1. We've been sharing a share with another couple and have loved it. I grew up fishing in Narragansett Bay and worked my way through college cleaning fish. This fish has been super fresh and delicious.

      I have lovely fish stock in my freezer and we have also done an informal soup exchange on the weeks when one half of the group did the whole deal with the fish.

      Here's the link for more information.