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Mar 3, 2011 11:38 AM

Wine for Schwa

Does anyone have any input on what kind of wine would pair well with the food? I know the menu changes regularly so this may be pretty hard to pinpoint but it seems as though they keep a couple of the same items.

My wife and I are pretty heavy drinkers (and since the meal is 3+ hours long) we were going to bring 4 bottles. We prefer red but would consider a bottle or white or champagne if it would pair well.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Not sure what your cellar is like, but if you're going out to buy wines for Schwa, go to Red and White in Wicker Park/Bucktown. Chef Carlson does some shopping there so the owners know him and can make some good recommendations that pair well with his "type" of food.

    I've only been once, but the food wasn't overly "fatty." So I'd stay away from the real big red's with a lot of tannin. That would probably overpower most of the dishes. It might work for one maybe two, but might ruin the rest of them. A light pinot noir could be a good choice for the reds.

    I went in March last year and there was some great seafood on the menu, so I'd definitely suggest taking a white. Something un-oaked, again so it doesn't overpower the food. For me, un-oaked wines pair better with a wider range of food. Something with a bit of acid over sweetness would work. Maybe a gruner veltliner or a dry Australian riesling or something from the Doa region of Portugal. Something a bit funky to match the food style.

    Most importantly, go with variety. If you give the chef's the bottles when you get there, they can probably make suggestions on which courses will go with which wines.

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      Thanks for the info. That's a big help.

      I'm traveling so I don't plan on taking any wine and will definitely hit up Red and White. We drink a lot of Pinot Noir so that works well and I'm not big on oak-y wines either so that works well too.

      1. re: klebb

        Don't be surprised if your even poured wines you did not bring.

    2. Champagne (or gruner) and pinot noir will get you through dinner very nicely. Bring 1 white and 3 reds if you prefer. I'm impressed by your dedication.

      1. I agree- we went at the end of December with a very nice bottle of champagne and a pinot noir and thought it was the perfect wines to go with our entire meal. We also brought the chefs a bottle of gin to enjoy!