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Mar 3, 2011 10:35 AM

Narragansett Bock -- local availability?

For the spring, Narragansett has just released a bock, possibly my favorite beer style. Unfortunately, my go-to liquor store Martignetti's never carries Gansett's seasonal brews. Anybody have any idea where I can lay hands on some, preferably in the Allston/Brighton area?

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  1. Ask the beer buyer to buy it?
    I'm sure you won't be the only person to buy a seasonal beer.
    That said, I don't even think it hit the shelves yet...but it'll probably be everywhere else when it does. Other seasonals from Narragansett have taken a while to trickle out, but they tend to end up at most average liquor stores.

    1. Funny, I saw some Narragansett Porter at Martignetti's on Soldiers Field Rd today...

      Martignetti Liquors
      1650 Soldiers Field Rd, Brighton, MA

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      1. re: okra

        That's encouraging! I've never seen any of the Gansett seasonals there before. Perhaps the beer buyer finally listened one of the times I asked him to start carrying them! Thanks for the tip!

      2. I know some of the Gansett people personally and I understand from them that the Bock landed at the distributors this week and should be widely available for purchase next week. Martignettis and well as Marty's in Newton and Allston for certain.

        1. I just bought a six-pack of Narragansett Bock at the new liquor store next to Kelly's Roast Beef in Allston, at about a buck cheaper than I'd paid for the Gansett Porter at Marty's in Newtonville last week.

          This was the first time I've been in this store. Selection and price of spirits and wines are a bad joke, but it'll be handy to be able to buy beer along that stretch again: I won't shop in that Blanchard's until the guy who stomped on the puppy gets fired.

          1. Dave's Fresh Pasta in Davis Square has it.

            Dave's Fresh Pasta
            81 Holland St, Somerville, MA 02144