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Mar 3, 2011 10:24 AM

Venue for a Bat Mitzvah Reception - NoVA


am trying to figure out a place to throw a party -- not an over-the-top thing, but a nice dinner and dancing -- for about 125 folks. hoping to find a place in the arlington/falls church/mclean/alexandria corridor, though willing to go a little farther afield in VA for the right place. obviously, decent food would be important <VBG>.

conversely, if you know of a great venue where i'd need to hire caterers, would be delighted to hear catering recs (or pans.)

money *is* an object; would like something nice, but this *is* a party for a 13 year old, and we're not looking to end up as one of the absurd party shows on MTV ;-)


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  1. I suggest you investigate the private party room at the Clyde's in Tyson's Corner. I'll be attending yet another function there this coming Saturday. If there's anything special to note beyond my generally positive feeling about my own experiences there (admittedly dated) and more recent experiences there (as a guest), I'll post more over the weekend.

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      Here's the update from our experience there last night:

      The room is still a visually appealing place. The Art Deco detailing is unchanged since the place opened. I saw some minor signs of wear in the ladies rest room that is available for party goers, but I didn't notice any wear throughout the rest of the room, although my emphasis wan't on investigating.

      The space is still excellent for the type of party you anticipate. Last night, the room held a long table for teens, a dance floor, round banquet tables for a group of your size, an open area in front of a bar, another long table for the elementary school cousins, and a table for someone doing body art.

      I was really impressed by the precision of the cooking. Passed hors d'oeuvres were carefully cooked. Both protein items on the entree -- chicken and salmon -- were really juicy. Ditto for a mixture of vegetables. Special kudos to Clydes for getting the cooking and delivery time really right. If I have one food criticism, it's that salt was used with a heavy hand. If I were planning an event there, I'd work with the restaurant to up the flavor on the hors d'ouevres and the sauces using wine or citrus or mustard instead of salt.

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        thanks -- really helpful! (and hope you had a great time!)

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          Yes! We had a great time.

          Here's my standard advice to anyone hosting a party regardless of location: Arrange a tasting in advance of the event. If such an experience is part of the basic price -- great. If not, this is worth the added cost. It will be your only chance to see how the words on the menu translate into reality and to tweak the preparation, if necessary. Even if you accept the preparations as offered, in my experience, this tasting signals that you care about the meal and this is likely to show up the day of your event. The one difference you can't control is that the food at the tasting will be prepared under slightly different circumstances than the mass production at the time of the event.

          Good luck! And early congratulations!

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            I strongly second Clyde's at Tysons for your affair. I have attended several parties there and Indy 67's reportage is spot on. Management is very accomodating and eager to please, the staff is friendly but professional, the food is good and there is plenty of parking. I have had weekend lunches downstairs when a bar mitzvah celebration is taking place upstairs with a band and buffett - the party goers seemed happy on the way out. A big issue is logistical - others may have difficulty locating Clyde's, what with all the construction on Route 7 these days and the road that twists and turns behind Booz Allen.

    2. I had a bat mitzvah reception at Restaurant 3, in Clarendon, that went nicely. 125 might be at or slightly over its limit. We did it Saturday afternoon, and the cost is less than the evening, because they don't do a big lunch business. The food was fine, but the room was lovely. You have a lot to think about, and I suggest you not think of it as a time for a great meal.

      Restaurant 3
      2950 Clarendon Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201

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      1. Sea Pearl in Falls Church may be a possibility.

        1. numerous hotels with ballrooms in Northern Virginia. Why don't you check with the hotels to see what your options are. In addition the Magianno's in Freindship Heights has a ball room so I wonder if the one in Tysons Corner does?

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            I know a family that had a Bat Mitzvah aprty at Maggiannos in Tysons a few years back (when we lived in the area) and I believe they had a good sized crowd,

          2. Try the same question on the Kosher Board