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BYOB in Jackson

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Since I'm apparently the last to know Olga's now has a liquor license, what are some other BYOB places in the Jackson area that people like? Bon Ami, Ro Chez, Mediterranean Fish and Grill, and Aladdin are the only other ones I could come up with, unless Eslava's Grille still doesn't have its license.

Bon Ami
1220 E Northside Dr Ste 230, Jackson, MS 39211

Mediterranean Fish and Grill
6550 Old Canton Rd, Ridgeland, MS 39157

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  1. Add Bombay Bistro to that list, as well as Basil's of Belhaven.

    1. Franco's

      1. Mezza in Madison. I think that places like the Cherokee that only serve beer are BYOB too! That opens up a lot of possibilities!

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          Cherokee has a full liquor license and is no longer beer only. I'm drawing a blank on other beer only spots that would be good for dinner. Pizza Shack and Soulshine?

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        2. You might not have wanted to go this casual, but the Crawdad Hole off of Lakeland is BYOB.