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Mar 3, 2011 09:46 AM

What to Get at RL Restaurant

I will be having dinner at RL Restaurant in a couple of weeks, and wondered if there are any "do not miss" dishes that I should try. Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. I've been there only once. I was entertaining a minor celebrity: an Olympic Gold Medalist. I found the food to be ok, the portions small (I'm not a big eater) and the prices high. You may not have a choice, but if you do, consider choosing another restaurant. There are better options in the area.

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      I happen to like RL although I do notice the prices do seem to have gone up. Food is standard American fare.

      I have never been disappointed with the service, the food or the atmosphere. I have had soup, burgers, salads (usually a half salad) and the Lobster club. I did think the Lobster club was overrated especially at $23! I prefer my lobster in a more straightforward and unadulterated way. Also, I just would not pay $41 for the Dover sole as much as I might like to eat that fish. Nor will I pay $40 or $50 for a steak.

      I enjoyed the lobster bisque. The creme brulee, I recall is quite large and very tasty.

      You could always have appies and a cocktail if the prices are too high. I really do enjoy the clubby atmosphere. They do seem to have a section called RL classics on the menu. Perhaps you might consider those items?

    2. Thanks so much for the input. My best friend is the one choosing the restaurant, so we will not be changing reservations. Has anyone tried the pasta with lobster? It sounds good.

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        I did spot that lobster tagliatelle. Most of the time I'm a purist when it comes to lobster. For example, the thought of putting lobster in mac and cheese is beyond me. And the lobster was just lost in that lobster club.

        Lobster bisque I do like and that cognac in the pasta dish does sound interesting. I hope you enjoy yourself. Do let us know what you think.

        Could I suggest searching in yelp or elsewhere since there don't seem to be many responses here?

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          I was just there last weekend, although for brunch, not dinner. I loved the atmosphere and the service was spot on. Of all the things that sounded good on the brunch menu I was really craving a burger and that's what I went with. It was a great burger, the bun was especially soft and delicious. It's probably not a place I would have to go back to, but it was a fun Chicago thing to do.

      2. I love RL... Under rated but on par with the other steakhouses as far as service and quality of food go. Yes it's expensive but I feel the value is better than at Mortons/Gibsons/insert name od any other high quality Chicago steakhouse. Here are the menu highlights:
        -steak tartare
        -shrimp cocktail (I don't know why I like it better here but I do)
        -steak Diane, (prepared table side if you want to see the show)
        -lake perch
        -calves liver
        -potatoes Dauphinoise
        -brussels sprouts

        The bananas foster and banana split are pretty damn good if you want dessert.

        If I had to summarize RL, it's perfectly executed comfort food for those who can afford steakhouse prices.

        -lake perch
        -calves liver

        1. OK, we had dinner at RL on Friday night. Not a single thing to complain about. Both of us had the baby arugula salad with champagne vinegrette, which was very good. I had the seafood (1/2 lobster and two very large sea scallops) tagliatelle, while my friend had the RL burger. Both were very good. No problems with the service.