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Mar 3, 2011 08:55 AM

Pizzaria Biga Coupon on [Southfield, MI]

Just wanted to let you know that pizzaria biga is offering 20 dollars worth of food for 10 at

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  1. Thank you for the head's up. I just bought 2.
    These are good for food/drinks, one coupon per table.
    You can buy up to 4, and they expire June 30, 2011.

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    1. re: Markcron

      As well, they're only good for *after* 4PM, carryout or dine-in, Monday through Thursday only. That means that you can't use them for the lunch special that they have, nor on weekends. Still, it's a good deal...I bought one for myself.

      1. re: boagman

        Got one for myself as well but missed the fine print (thanks Boagman). I was planning for the lunch special but I am sure I can suffer an after 4 event. Unfortunately party/meetup doesn't work in the one per table unless we sit at the bar (is there one?).

        1. re: goatgolfer

          There's a nice bar, from what I've read. That'd be fine for me!

          1. re: boagman

            That will be cool. If MarkCron is in let's do it for early supper. We may have to go sub rosa though (even though we have already paid for our coupon...)

            1. re: goatgolfer

              Yes I'm up for that. The bar area is nice - that is where I ate on my one visit.

    2. Thank you, InterplanetJanet, for the heads up and another deal site I hadn't heard of!

      Went there last week, awesome.

      Yes, there is a bar you can sit at and watch them make the pizzas and there is also a more traditional bar too.

      1. Somewhat awkward service tonite when trying to use an Oy coupon ...

        Arrived ~6:30PM. Hostess was on the phone. A fellow behind the bar said someone will
        be right with us. Three to four minutes later; the hostess is still on the phone ... and he's
        still standing behind the bar - not helping the bartender, either. They're not particularly busy;
        nor is it a ghostown. Probably 12 empty tables. Finally; the hostess is able to seat us. I place
        the Oy coupon on the table in plain sight.

        Service is usually, VERY prompt. Not tonite. We wait. About the time that I'm beginning to
        wonder about our server, the same guy [re]appears. "You cannot use this with anything else."
        Uh, yeah. No problem. "But you cannot combine this with other discounts." No, hello or
        welcome. Just cannot/cannot language

        Then he begins to walk away ... whoa; can we order? "I"m not your server. Do you want need
        a server?" Yes, we're ready to order. "Oh." She appears promptly. Business as usual (good).
        Food is prompt. Salad is cool and crisp. Beer is cold. Pizza is hot.

        As we're finishing the pizza, he reappears. He didn't ask about our meal or service. Rather;
        he picks up the coupon says, "You cannot use this unless you order dessert."

        What? "This is $20. Your food isn't $20. You cannot use this for the beer." I study the
        coupon. No such T&C/limitation printed on the coupon. I very politely disagree ... pointing out
        that the pizza and salad might exceed $20 ... and that what he's saying about using for alcohol
        is not a listed limitation ... he decides to "check on this."

        He returns a few minutes later; places the coupon on the table, and says two words, "You're right." Then immediately retreats to wherever he came from. The server appears with the bill
        and everything is just like it should be.

        I'm guessing that he's their Coupon Police; or, an escapee from the back of the house - that
        needs to return to the back of the house.

        Quite an odd series of interactions. The coupon could've been a terrific conversation starter.
        But it wasn't. It felt a bit like an encounter with a cop.

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        1. re: rainsux

          Wow, what a b*tch that guy was. Thanks for suddenly getting me all negative this eve. Maybe I won't be in such a hurry for their Royal Oak opening.

          1. re: VTB

            I wouldn't suggest feeling negative about the RO opening.

            I still do not understand his role. I did not notice him engaged in the expected/usual front of house ops. Unnecessarily coarse way to insure that there are no misunderstanding(s) re T&Cs.