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Mar 3, 2011 08:51 AM

Best kosher places to eat in London

My husband and I are going to London for the first time this summer. Would love to know where to go for fabulous food. Also hoping someone could help me figure out where to stay for shabbat. Would it be best to change hotels and go to Hendon for Shabbos, or should I stay in a downtown area within walking distance to a shul? Thanks for any help you can give me.

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  1. Dine at Bevis Marks. First class food and ambiance.

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      For Shabbat, you need to make choices.

      I usually like to stay in the center and daven at Marble Arch. Lots of hotels nearby, and on Shabbat afternoon you can walk to the British Musuem, which is free, or just walk. You get a fridge put in your room or book a hotel that includes a fridge, and self-cater. The food court at Selfridges sells challah and other bread with good supervision, and enough other food that you don't need to schlep out to the Jewish neighborhoods. Unless you want to. I would'n wast my first trip to London on Golder's Green or Hendon, not when the British Museum is free and Marble Arch offers a place to daven.

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        Dont waste your time on Hendon or Golders Green for Shabbat unless you have family there to spend it with. There are no good hotels, and with Shabbat ending at 10.30 in the summer, there really is nothing to do. Only benefit is that you can really get a full day in on Friday as candlelighting is after 9.
        You also have the Great Portland Street Shul, which is closer to Regents Park, but further away from Knightsbridge.
        Bevis Marks is very good, but check how late they open. Ruebens is very good. Plenty of restauarants in Hendon/ Golders green and beyond. Only caution is that at least an hour each way from central london. Also, check out the london beth din website.
        Very little has a visible hashgacha, but improving all the time.

        1. re: njkosher

          I had a not-so-great experience at Bevis Marks when I was in London in November. Food was great, but the service left something to be desired in many ways. We were a party of 2 and they seemed to scoff at certain things we didn't order (for example, wine - neither of us drink), and got very little attention. The desserts at least on menu looked pretty pedestrian. The lamb I got was delicious, though. I wouldn't go back. I'd rather try somewhere else especially for the money.

          Selfridge's is a good resource for things like Adafina sandwiches and other things, so you can make it through Shabbat that way. Being used to overstuffed sandwiches here in the USA, I quite liked having *just enough*. You could also find some DD's sandwiches at some convenience stores as well.

          1. re: kosherbizguy

            I had a great expereince at Bevis Mark, bit pricey, but the food was fantastic. The steak was like butter and the non-Jewish colleagues, I brought there, said it was the best steaks they ever had. What I've found regarding food from Selfridge's and DD sandwiches is that they're not always fresh, and also they have strange fillings to my liking, e.g. Avacado and egg?


    2. We spent two Shabbatot and the week in between in Golder's Green a few years ago. We had a great time. We loved Carmelli's (get a quiche!) and liked a place that's not there any more called El Gaucho. Sammy's was just ok. Reuben's is not bad when you remember how expensive London is. Eat upstairs - it's the same food. DD Sandwiches are available all over London in some truly odd places. Go to their web site and request a list. Last, Hermoulis made the best airline meal I have ever eaten and I am told that their normal food is excellent.