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Mar 3, 2011 08:31 AM

Searching for Bob's Red Mill Products in Edmonton

Hoping someone might know of a store that carries a large selection of Bob's Red Mill products in the Edmonton area. I know that Safeway, and any of the big stores carry a small selection, but am finding it too limited. I would like to purchase things like the different cereals - 7 grain, 10 grain, stone ground oatmeal, etc. As well as the different types of flour they offer, etc.

Any suggestions? Anyone know of a store that carries a large selection - I was thinking perhaps an organic store...

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  1. Planet Organic in Calgary carries a wide selection. I assume they'd do the same up there.


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      Sunterra in Calgary also has a wide selection; there are apparently two Edmonton locations so perhaps one is convenient for you!

    2. Superstore in Calgary (Deerfoot Meadows) also carries a large selection.

      1. Ed's Gluten Free has several types of Bob's Mill products. They also carry Udi bread (which is the best bought GF bread I have tried to date).

        Planet Organic definitely does and the products are found in the same section as the gluten products. I find PO to be pricier than other places. Have you tried Nutters? I have not been to a Nutters in Edmonton (I live 3 hours away) but our Nutters carries FAR more products than our Superstore, Safeway, etc. I go there the first Tuesday of the month to save 20% which on about $100 worth of flours helps.

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          There are no Nutters in Edmonton - the closest is in Leduc which is over 2 hours from where I live just north of Edmonton! Otherwise, you're right they are great! I might just have to stock up when we are in BC as they have a Nutters with a large selection of Bob's products.

          I do find PO more expensive than other places I will have to check out Ed's, thanks for the info!

        2. Andy's IGA on 142 Street carries a pretty large selection of Bob's Mill products. I've noticed quite a few items in the flour/grains section at that store, though I'm not too sure about the cereals, as I'm not often in that aisle.

          1. I have found quite a bit in the grains section at Safeway. What are looking for in particular?

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              I normally shop at Manning Crossing Safeway, limited selection; or Fort Saskatchewan Safeway - very small selection.

              I am specifically looking for the following Bob's Red Mill Products - Soy Flour, 10 Grain - Flour, Hot Cereal Mix, and Bread Mix, Masa Harina, 7 Grain Hot Cereal, Sourdough Starter, Raisin Bran Muffin Mix, Chia Seeds, Basmati Brown Rice and Steel Cut Oats.

              There are other items listed on their website that I would purchase if the opportunity presented itself, but these are the ones I would use on a regular basis.

              Can you let me know which Safeway you shop at that has a good selection of products, and thanks!

              1. re: nsstampqueen

                Stadium Save-On (82 St and 112 Ave) has the 7 Grain hot cereal and Scottish Oatmeal. Maybe not worth a special trip just for one kind of cereal, but if you're passing by . . .

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                  I'm curious as to why Bob's for all of these? Is there something particular about the brand? I only ask because some of the non-blended items, such as chia seeds, brown basmati, and steel cut oats can probably be purchased a lot of places at a better price (i.e. I use Lundberg brown basmati, steel cut oats are quite common, and chia seeds can be found a number places including Bulk Barn).

                  1. re: Dan G

                    What do you do with Chia seeds? I have seen them but I don't know what to do with them...

                    1. re: josey124

                      grow chia pets :)

                      I've had them in a cereal blend (made by someone in Stony Plain, bought at Callingwood Market). Not sure if they really add anything to it...

                      1. re: Dan G

                        They add health to it, they are 'superfoods'