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Mar 3, 2011 08:20 AM

Anyone eaten at Fleur since reopening???

Wil be visiting next week. Any reviews of Fleur?

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  1. U Hockey had posted a review about a month ago.

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      Thanks, I saw UHockey's review, but it was over 2 months ago during the soft opening. I'm wondering what's happened since then?

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        Some one on trip advisor las vegas forum posted a report in the past week. There was a link to some pictures as I recall. I think the username had "sally" in it and the subject had the "Cosmopolitan trip report" or something like that in it. Sure, it was trip advisor, so take it with a grain of salt but she also dined at e'.

    2. I went for lunch back in mid-January. The place was pretty packed because of a convention there at the time, but we were able to squeeze in when a party of 4 didn't show up for their table.

      We tried the angus sliders, chicken croquettes, onion soup, foie gras mousse, melon martini, and pineapple carpaccio. I thought the food was all solid, if I were to give it a yelp rating I would probably give it a 4.

      The real stand out was the onion soup. Unbelievably rich, and the way they serve it to you is kinda neat. I would go back and get 2 orders of it. In fact I may do that when I get back to Vegas in May....

      Desserts were pretty unique and tasty. Both were very refreshing after the richness of the foie and onion soup.

      The foie gras was pretty good, but I was recovering from L'Atelier the night before, so I was still dreaming of the foie there. Other people seem to really like that dish.

      The one thing I might skip are the angus sliders. I'm not a slider fan in general (it's tough to make a slider med-rare) and these were pretty dry and overcooked.

      Unfortunately, Fleur got lost in the shuffle between outstanding meals at L'Atelier, Rosemary's, and é. I liked it enough to want to make a return trip there to try other dishes like the oysters, tuna tacos and mac n cheese. And I definitely think it's worth trying, even if it's just for that onion soup.

      If you go, let me know what you think. I'm curious to know what others think of it and see what dishes I should try next time I'm there.

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        I'll let you know. I'm thinking about going there mainly b/c I loved him on Top Chef Masters. There are a few things I find interesting from the menu, but it doesn't really peak my interest. I'm only in LV 3 nights, but so far the line up is Julian Serrano, Fleur, Bouchon. I'll do a review of each. Thanks for the info.

        3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

      2. Had dinner at Fleur last night. Not wholly impressed. The tuna tacos were unremarkable ($13) The halibut was beautifully cooked but nothing out of the ordinary ($24) A side of wild mushrooms was over salted and over cooked. Portions are small with sides ala carte. No bread offered-- Sure, I don't need bread but it's nice when your tuna tacos are meager! Was bored enough by the meal that I chose to have dessert elsewhere. Chocolate beignets with caramel sauce at Wolfgang Puck's in the MGM were a treat.

        1. Not a fan.
          The service was poor - slow, uninformed servers, bad timing, etc, etc.
          The food is all over the map so it helps to order with a cuisine or type of food that you want to stick to; otherwise, the meal could be a bit confusing. Of the dozen or so items that I ordered, there were a few really good items, most of them average and unremarkable, some of them were just bad. The foie mousse was excellent in every way. The lobster mac and cheese was terrible - no lobster or lobster flavor to speak of and the cheese sauce was gritty.
          I've been to worse, but there are much better places to eat than Fleur.

          1. Darn; that is one of our places to go to. No wiggle room for movement there. Menu looks very appealing. Too bad for us! Maybe we'll eat minimal (small plates only) to try a variety of things and then go elsehwere for dessert.

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              Dropped by there last month after some issues with the FOH at rm seafood and was pleasantly surprised. The food was fine, though, as others have mentioned, the menu is all over the place, but tends slightly towards asian fusion; the menu on the website is pretty accurate. Was there midweek, @ 530 and there was almost no business. However, service was friendly and earnest- their wine list is surprisingly somewhat minimal, and they voluntarily let us try a few different wines, and even comped us the tuna tacos. Had, among other things, the smoked ribs, oysters, tarte, mushrooms, and the halibut (exactly as described above). Our server mentioned that she had been there since the beginning and was a little sad about the change- and wasn't sure if it had really made much of a difference to the bottom line.

              It is now very informal, almost like a nice bar with extended seating. I wouldn't necessarily choose to go there, but it is a decent, pretty tasty alternative at Mandalay.