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Mar 3, 2011 07:14 AM

Heading to Selin's Grove Brewing Co

Making the trip up 11/15 from Harrisburg to The Grove. Any "must haves" in either the beer or food categories?

Selin's Grove Brewing Co
118 N Strawberry Aly, Selinsgrove, PA 17870

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  1. Update: This is a fantastic find and for those in the Central PA area, I would definitely recommend making the trip to Selinsgrove.

    All beer was very fresh; Between our party, we sampled the Dubble, Triple, IPA (On Engine), Cream, Scottish, Porter, and Stout.

    They have growlers for a reasonable price to take home.

    Kitchen was limited (they do not have a fryer or grill) so they rely on local businesses in the area to source cold cuts, pretzels, cheese, etc.

    All ingredients were incredible fresh. I had the governor sandwich (50 cents donated to Gov Snyder's homstead!)

    I would highly recommend this as a "Destination Dining" experience.

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      We have friends who are passionate about micro brews and Selin's Grove Brewing is at the top of their list since it openned some 10-15 years ago. We haven't visited it in years, might need to do so soon.

      A bit of trivia - Did you know you were eating in the former governers mansion? The outdoor area is so lovely in the summer.

      Our favorite brew pub is Elk Creek Cafe. Same great beer selection with the added benefit of a full kitchen. Like Selin's, Elk Creek is committed to locally sourced food. It is also worth the trip. If you liked Selin's, you would also really enjoy Elk Creek Cafe.

      I have not tried Old Forge in Danville PA but it has gone some good word of mouth chatter in my friend's beerhound circles.

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        Forget to say that Elk Creek Cafe is located in Millheim, Centre County. (not too far from State College/Penn State)