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Mar 3, 2011 05:26 AM

Bay Scallop Recipes

Anyone have one they can share that is not the typical casserole? I usually just do some melted butter and seasoned breadcrumbs. I would like to try something new. Thanks!

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  1. Not much of a variation but the old Locke-Ober recipe from Boston is to coat scallops in flour (seasoned if you wish), shake well and brown them very fast in hot oil. Reserve on warm plate while you melt butter, add lemon and sherry..I think it may have had parsley added at the end. Sometimes you could go on to blacken the butter. Just pour that over the scallops and there you are. I ate it all the time in the old days and still replicate it in Louisiana from time to time but I cannot get first rate scallops. The butter makes up for that, though.

    Theyhad a recipe with bacon, too..I bet you could find that..tTey put out a cookbook but mine is in a box in storage just now.

    1. true bay scallops do best with minimal cooking, and i wouldn't casserole them, by any means. a quick turn on each side in a hot skillet, pour over a squeeze of lemon or orange, salt, pepper, butter or evoo. done. better still i like them raw, with fresh squeezed tangerine juice and togarashi.

      1. This might be a "typical" casserole but I like Emeril's Coquille St. Jacques.

        1. I make a "ceviche" style shrimp and scallop cocktail that the family raves about!

          I am too chicken to do the raw thing with my family so I lightly cook scallops and shrimp in a touch of butter in a hot pan for a minute or two. I take a very large bowl, I like to use a trifle bowl, add a bit of ice, then pour in some Clamato juice. I make a batch of pico de gallo (with shallots) with lots of lime juice and pour that in there, add some chopped red onion and the shrimp and scallops, and add salt to taste. Serve it with tortilla chips - delicious!

          I also occassionaly do an "alfredo sauce" type pasta dish with scallops, shrimp, leftover lobster, etc. whatever I have on hand. Never have leftovers of this one!

          1. In the Chopstix cookbook by Hugh Carpenter there is a recipe I have made several times. It is bay scallops in a tangerine sauce that you can eat in a lettuce leaf. It might be available on the interwebs if you search. Very yummy.