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Mar 3, 2011 04:17 AM

Mobile this weekend

Aside from the Brick Pit, which I have down for lunch Friday, any relatively inexpensive can't miss places? I know the town will be packed for Mardi Gras weekend, Thanks in advance.

Brick Pit
5456 Old Shell Rd, Mobile, AL 36608

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  1. I used to live there before I became a wannabe foodie. I would suggest seafood at Wintzell's downtown, Felix's or Ed's on the causeway. Living in Bham, Mobile isn't going to offer much. In what part of town are u staying?

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      Near the University of South Alabama

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        If you're the burger and beer type you could try Callaghan's or Butch Cassidey's (in that order). The Brick Pit should be an excellent choice though I haven't been there in years. I've heard to avoid The Shed at all cost. Osman's is a great place but it's kinda out of the way.

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          Call me crazy but I just love me some shrimp po-boys at the Boiling Pot!

          Boiling Pot
          3704 Airport Blvd, Mobile, AL 36608

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            We had Brick Pit for lunch Friday. They serve some of the best pulled pork I have had in a while - smokey but not overpowering and while it could have used more bark, it was very lean yet juicy. Their sauce is too sweet (even the "spicy" sauce), the baked beans are fine and the potato salad was pretty good. Texas "toast" was just a thick slab of white bread and not toasted like normal Texas Toast.

            Dinner was mostly apps at Wintzell's downtown and was good - kind of hard to mess up west indies crab salad, raw oysters, buffalo popcorn shrimp, etc. Fine cup of gumbo if a little bland.

            We grabbed some surprisingly good sandwiches from Jimmy John's. The subs were much better than sole roast beef "po boy" we ordered from a bakery on Old Shell for comparison. When we opened the pre-made/wrapped sandwich, it was not dressed nor did they ever offer it to be dressed. Maybe I should have specified ... anyway I hear we are getting a Jimmy John's in Five Points in Birmingham which is nice. Their bread is excellent.

            Saturday night we headed to Callaghan's (or Callahan's?) and it was packed and they wanted a cover at 8, even to eat. We skipped out and grabbed a mix of bar apps at Felix' near or on the Causeway. Crap soup good but all cream, fish tacos fine but served in a hard shell, oysters good (Apalachicola), crawfish quesadilla fine, royal reds cooked to hell in their shells so it was like pulling teeth to shell. A runner told me they were out as "they only serve fresh seafood" who ran away when I said well reds are almost always brought in frozen ... so maybe karma got me on that one. They were packed and server was deep in the weeds but friendly enough. Ok but doubt I will return any time soon.

            Saw Butch Cassidy's and friend confirmed the burgers were awesome. I'll have to try them next time. Tiny-looking place.

            Thanks for the recs!

            Brick Pit
            5456 Old Shell Rd, Mobile, AL 36608

            Butch Cassidys Cafe
            60 N Florida St, Mobile, AL 36607