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Mar 3, 2011 12:02 AM


Oh, how I miss the Scrapple in Baltimore. Can anyone tell me the best brands to order? I had info on one of the oldest companies but lost it. which company makes the most authentic?

thank you

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  1. I'm not sure about the most authentic, but I grew up in Philly eating Habersett scrapple. That spelling may be off but that was the basic name. It was delicious.

    1. Rapa Scrapple. I have always liked this and made in DE or MD not sure in Bridgeville I beleive.

      1. Rappa is good. Of course a local butchering is the place to go - cheap and always the possibly of pork perfection - with the risk of failure as well - a risk I will take. In terms of butcherings - check your local paper, High School 4H, local fire companies - at least that is how things go up here in Frederick County. I would assume a butcher shop would know where to find the good stuff if community butcherings are out.

        1. Jones and Parks also manufacture scrapple, but Rapa seems to have a lock on the DC/MD/VA scrapple market. They carry several different varieties (Original, Beef, Bacon, Hot & Spicy). Habersett commands the Philly market. I recall having some scrapple in a New Jersey diner which was pink and creamy unlike the usual scrapple grey and gritty, but I can't recall the brand. Might have been the same as Taylor Pork Roll. There used to be a Pennsylvania dutch stand in the Annapolis farmer's market that sold some really nice homemade scrapple and liver mush, but it's been years since I've been there.

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            I would try the PA Amish Market in Laurel, Upper Marlboro, or Annapolis

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              Looks like the the OP is posting from Washington State, so I don't know if local vendors are an option unless they do mail order. Rapa does mail order scrapple but their site says it resumes in November.

          2. Have used Rappa, works for me ....fried in bacon fat with fresh ground pepper on top. yeh