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Grocery Outlet March 2011

Yesterday I made my first visit to the newly opened Gilroy Grocery Outlet.

Like my visit the week before to the Berkeley corporate owned store, the pickings are pretty slim these days. But I did find two items to purchase there.

Creekstone Farms Premium Black Angus Beef Burgers, 6 - 1/3 lb burgers (frozen), 32 oz. for $5.99, sell by date 5/19/11
I was familiar with the brand because I'd had a branded steak from Creekstone at Cafe des Amis. Searching later, I found a grocery store circular in another state that offered this package for the same price. So $3/lb for frozen patties is a good price, but not necessarily discounted heavily. The patties are individually frozen, separated by wax paper and in a recloseable plastic bag. I cooked them according to the package instructions and like the taste a lot. This is a good thing to have handy in the freezer for the nights you don't feel like cooking something more elaborate.

Tropicana orange juice, sell by date of 5/7/11, $1.49

Grocery Outlet
2001 4th St, Berkeley, CA 94710

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  1. In the Berkeley store I picked up a vacuum package of two bacon wrapped filet mignons, 12oz for $4.99. Haven't tried them yet. They also had Tillamook salted butter for $2.49/lb...not exactly a deal but okay.

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      I got the bacon-wrapped pork chops at the Berkeley store last month, and they were pretty tasty.

      Also, I spotted Vicolo pizzas in the freezer section but most of them were well past their use or freeze by date. Wonder when they were actually frozen.

    2. At Berkeley today:

      Stoneyfield Oikos organic nonfat Greek yogurt -- $2.99/quart (I may have gotten the last of it, though)

      So Delicious coconut water lemonade sorbet bars -- $1.99 for a box of four. I tried one in the car and almost went back for more. I don't know how big a bargain they are, but they really are so delicious with a wonderful creamy texture. I didn't buy, but they also had Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Mission to Marzipan and Vanilla.

      The "wine lovers" chocolates are down to 99 cents a tin -- only a couple different types in the 50 percent cocoa solids range left

      Del Monte Harvest Select sliced bartlett pears in "extra light syrup" 99 cents a 20 ounce jar

      1. "Tropicana orange juice, sell by date of 5/7/11, $1.49"

        I went to the one in San Jose today on Williams. I saw lots of March 7 and March 10 dates.
        I also picked up a box of the beef patties. Looking forward to trying them tonight.

        1. From the Salinas store outside the Bay Area, but worth running over to your local Grocery Outlet to see what wines might be had for $15.99 or less from the Wine Warehouse inventory. Here's my post on the Wine Board,
          $15.99 Luigi Einaudi Rosso delle Langhe & Wine Warehouse Close-outs @ Grocery Outlet

          1. Picked up a Corsican pinot noir in Berkeley for $4.99. Not bad for the price. Belles Caves de Graton 2005 VdP de l'Ile de Beauté.

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            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              One of the Wine Warehouse inventory wines I saw today was 2006 Poderi Colla Langhe "Campo Romano" Pinot Nero for $13.99.

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                RWC store has 2004 Legends Merlot made by Cosentino Winery with Larry Bird's name on it. Bought at $6.99 (sign on shelf said originally $34.99).

                Cosentino Winery
                7415 Saint Helena Hwy, Napa, CA

            2. Some of the stuff I've bought in the last two weeks that might still be in stores.

              Santa Rosa:
              Mexican Coke or Fanta made with cane sugar 89¢
              Niman Beef franks $1.99
              Organic soy sauce, $1.99
              Costa Rica 71% bar $1.99
              Lindt 85% Excellence $1.49

              Rohnert Park:
              Spanish Turron, $1.49 - these are really good. three different kinds with almonds, crocant, and/or chocolate.

              Odwalla OJ, $1.49 - not buying this anymore, only marginally better than Tropicana in flavor
              Lindt dark chocolate Easter bunnies, 3.5 oz, $1.99 (white and milk choco also available)

              Hansen's zero calorie 4/$1.99
              Cantuccini - made in italy - $1.49, good product, went back for more, have only seen in novato
              Parchment paper, $1.99

              South San Jose:
              De Cecco pasta, $1.49
              Carrs water crackers, $1.29
              Polly O whole milk mozzarella, $2.99
              Stuffed manzanilla olives, $1.79

              Illy cappuccino can, 99¢, Mom likes these, bought more
              Coppola farfallone, $1.49 - cooks up gummy, not good
              Panda licorice cremes, $1.49

              Grocery Outlet
              1116 4th St, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

              Grocery Outlet
              6335 Commerce Blvd, Rohnert Park, CA

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              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Grocery Outlet is having another one of their 20% off all wine sales. This one goes until April 3rd.

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  Saw the Mexican Coca Cola in Berkeley today. Looked like 3 cases left.

                2. I hit the yogurt jackpot at Oakland today. Both Stonyfield "Oikos" and Brown Cow 0% fat greek yogurts in various sized containers:

                  $2.99 -- Oikos quart
                  $1.49 -- Oikos fruit on the bottom strawberry (pack of 4 4-oz)
                  2/$1 -- Brown Cow greek style key lime or plain
                  $1.49 -- Brown cow greek style pint

                  Most of it was in the glass refrigerator cases, not the open shelving with the other yogurts, etc.

                  $1.49 -- Eagle brand sweetened condensed milk (be careful, some of the other, cheaper brands are "filled" with vegetable oil)
                  $.79 -- Golden Grain penne, 1 lb. box
                  $.99 -- Polar solid yellowfin tuna in a real six-ounce can!
                  $7.99 -- twin-pack of 44 ounce bottles of Heinz organic ketchup (HFCS free -- chowhound wisdom is that it tastes like the original they grew up with, unlike the HFCS reformulation).
                  $5.99 -- Earth First paper towels (I was annoyed, I just bought some at Costco yesterday).

                  Last day of the wine sale and it was pretty picked over, but I got a few bottles (under Melanie's direction).