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Mar 2, 2011 07:34 PM

Small Plates recommendation

My husband I want to go out in SF in a few weeks. We have been on a pretty strict diet for the last 2 1/2 months and are interested in a place where we can have a little bit of a bunch of different things. The other thing I am very inetersted in is a great chocolaty dessert. Does anyone have an idea of a place that would fit both those things? We are open to most types of food. Thanks.

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  1. A Cote in Oakland's my favorite. Great date restaurant if you reserve for the back room.

    In SF, Barbacco, Leopold's, Bocadillos, Contigo, Pesce. Dunno about chocolate at those places but it's hard to find a dessert that isn't aimed at chocoholics.

    A Cote
    5478 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618

    2227 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109

    710 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94111

    1320 Castro St, San Francisco, CA 94114

    230 California St, San Francisco, CA 94111