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Mar 2, 2011 06:46 PM

Singapore and Thailand

Hi All! My husband and I are going to Singapore and Thailand for our honeymoon (2 weeks) and we are totally clueless as to where we should eat - Please HELPPPPPPPP!

We'd like to have a fancy dinner in each city one night and the other nights we're love to enjoy the local spots...any suggestions are greatly appreciated =)

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  1. Which city in Thailand are you going to visit? Bangkok?

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    1. re: BKK Brendan

      We are staying in Bangkok for 5 days and then off to Koh Samoi for 5

    2. For the quintessential Singapore experience & fancy dinner, try either:
      1. Sky on 57, a spiffy restaurant helmed by Singapore's best-known chef, Justin Quek. Justin's French-trained, and his newest restaurant specializes in modern-Singapore cuisine. The restaurant's perched atop the lavish Marina Bay Sands casino-resort, and from its location on the 57th floor, you get sweeping spectacular views of Singapore's skyline & waterfront.
      2. Jaan restaurant on the 72nd floor of Fairmont Hotel in Raffles City is another fine-dining restaurant with a view, and which serves very good French-inspired cuisine. Its famous chef, Andre Chiang, had left late last year to run his own restaurant near Chinatown, but I heard the new chef de cuisine is quite good as well. Haven't tried the new incarnation as yet, but the setting is to-die for.
      3. If you're not into stratospheric city views but prefer a bit of history, then try Raffles Grill in the grand old Raffles Hotel. Have a Singapore Sling at the Long Bar or the Raffles Courtyard, then adjourn to the grill for a steak.
      4. If you are into celebrity chef-driven establishments, then you can try Wolfgang Puck's CUT steakhouse, Daniel Boulud's DB Bistro Moderne, French 3-Michelin star chef Guy Savoy's restaurant, Sydney chef Tetsuya Wakuda's Waku Ghin, Mario Batali's Osteria Mozza or Santi (by the late 3-Michelin-star Spanish chef, Santi Santamaria) - all at Marina Bay Sands.

      As for Bangkok, you really must go to Le Normandie at the grand Oriental Hotel. Its got ravishing views of Bangkok's city skyline and the majestic Chao Phraya River which meanders through it.

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        Thank you so very much!!! We cant wait!

        1. re: dolya

          Remember to call ahead & book!! Snaring a table at one of these places can be a pain-in-the-*** :-(

      2. I love the Sunday brunch at Yantra (Singapore). Their Indian food outshines anything I have had in the States.

        In Bangkok, I'd second kleoh's Le Normandie rec.

        For Thai food in a nice setting, I'd suggest Taling Pling in Silom. And, if you find yourself shopping around Siam Square, I'd recommend Nara for lunch. Head to the location in the Erawan mall.

        1. When you are in Bangkok, make sure you check out Bo.lan, a romantic high end Thai restaurant. We're really impressed with them. Search for the restaurant review, nytimescom has one...and there are others too.