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Mar 2, 2011 06:22 PM

Best So-Cal Mexican...Jalapeno!

I've been in NYC now for about 8 years now and as a San Diego-native (who is Mexican) I've been sad to not have San Diego-style Mexican food...and it's finally here and not at the Rosa Mexicano prices!

Highly recommend Jalapeno on the upper west or actually Lincoln Square on Columbus between 68th and 69th. I had the Chile Relleno tonight and it was really really good. Not too much breading and the crema was awesome. I've had other meals here but tonight I finally realized that I had not been ablet to find this food in NYC before. Also the only place where I have found real Carne Asada tacos....why is it that there is no Carne Asada in NYC?! Also awesome tacos de barbacoa and the salsa is really good too. My husand (the gringo) loves the carnitas.

If you are a displaced so-cal native in NYC check out Jalapeno. It tastes like home. I had to share. :)

Rosa Mexicano
61 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY 10023

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  1. Thanks for that suggestion. Years ago a SoCal native introduced me to his version of Mexican food, and I've never found a place in NYC that matched his cooking. (His father was from Mexico and had a successful restaurant in L.A. way back when.) It's a distinctive taste and style that I find to be a very clean and straightforward type of "tasty".

    One of the yardsticks I use is the quality of the rice. It must be fluffy, and that generally comes from browning the rice beforehand. Not a lot of people know about that.