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Where to buy Bubble tea fruit syrup in GTA

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Would anyone know where to buy bubble tea fruit syrup in Toronto, I'd like to make my own bubble tea at home. Grocery stores like T&T seem to sell the powder which has milk powder in it, which I don't really like. I'm looking for the bubble tea fruit syrup that is used in bubble tea slushes.

Do any stores in Pacific mall sell the non-milk bubble teas? There's also the option of walking into ten-ren or other bubble tea shops and asking if they're willing to sell me their stock syrup, it's a longshot though.


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  1. what flavour are you trying to make? i make mango bubble tea slushies at home and usually use the canned mango pulp (found at T&T in the south east asian aisle... though in the summer i use over-rippened ataulfo mangoes)