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Mar 2, 2011 04:26 PM

Can I go to Minibar?

If I have food allergies will Minibar be able to accommodate?

I am allergic to all fish with scales, tree nuts, and seeds?

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    1. the bigger question is can you get a reservation, I didn't need any special considerations, but I've heard they can be very accomodating to those with them. (and given the lead time they'll have a chance to think about what to sub out if necessary)

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      1. re: hill food

        I am going to call tomoro morning at 10 am to try and get a reservation for the that day in an excact month. If I am lucky enough to get a reservation I will follow up with a call about my restrictions. Since they only have 6 seats and 2 diner services a night it might be too much too ask. Hopefully not though. will see.....

        1. re: tldmatrix

          Are you looking to book for April 3rd? If so, that's a Sunday and minibar is closed. They're also closed on Mondays.

          Good luck getting a reservation. It took me many, many tries to get one. Be prepared to hear the busy signal over and over again. You should definitely make sure you have the number on speed dial and keep trying.

          And if you do get a reservation, they send you a form to provide credit card info to confirm and I believe it also asks about food allergies. When I was there, I overheard one of the chefs say they can accommodate anyone except vegans.

          And don't hesitate to be put on the wait list. It worked for me...

            1. re: Guy Incognito

              they didn't use to do the credit info, I guess too many no-shows (???) don't know how that could happen, but given the few seats even one would severely cripple the night's take.