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Mar 2, 2011 04:22 PM

Looking for the perfect birthday cake!

Fellow Montrealers - help!

I want to order the perfect birthday cake for 8-10 people (NOT from Première Moisson, thank you very much ;-).
I was thinking maybe Cocoa Locale, but they don't take special orders.

You suggestions please!

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  1. You can try Kilo (, and I've also heard good things about Delices des Dawn ( Also, check out this thread:

    1000 Rue De La Gauchetiere W, Montreal, QC H3B4W5, CA

    1. Depends what you are looking for, 8-10 people, it doesn't have to be that big. If you are there at opening or if you call ahead at Cocoa Locale, she will tell you what is there and put one aside for you if you are calling. And I'm sur she would have an idea of what she would make the following days.

      Patisserie Rhubarbe ( had some nice cakes on display when I went, although I've only tried their pastries. I've heard very good things about the place.

      1. I find conventional birthday cakes pretty bland/boring, so you may want to consider opting for a tasty pie. Rockaberry's is great for that. They may be able to customize a message on top, although that's more of a hope than actual knowledge. (FYI, the Queen Mary Rockaberry's moved to Monkland not so long ago.)

        But if you do intend to go with an actual cake, then consider Nancy's bakery (Patisserie Nancy) on Monkland. It's excellent. Again, call first to confirm that they customize. I'm pretty sure they do.

        1. I know lots of people who love Lafrenaie and only order their cakes, but IMO, evrything tastes artifical and Duncan Hines-ish. Maybe its just me?

          1. A short while ago somebody mentioned a baker (an individual) that does personalized cakes and delivers them. I can't remember the details and can't find the thread, but hopefully it will jog somebody else's memory and be more helpful.