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Best place for udon or ramen in Howard County area?

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What's the best restaurant to get udon or ramen (in broth, preferably with veggies, fish cake, etc.) in the Howard County area?

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  1. Katana in clarksville is the only place i am aware of for udon. They have soba, but no ramen.
    I would suggest the grilled hamachi jaw, I am a big fan of that dish.

    1. I haven't been myself, but howchow reports that Fuji restaurant on the west part of Ellicott City on Rt 40 has good, house made ramen.

      There's also Noodles Corner for pan-asian noodles. Their Buddha bowl has Udon I think.

      Noodles Corner
      8865 Stanford Blvd Ste 103, Columbia, MD 21045