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Mar 2, 2011 04:05 PM

King of Prussia

Friends have just moved to King of Prussia. They are looking for places to have dinner that cost between $10 and $25 per person for the food portion of the meal. They are looking for places in King of Prussia or adjacent towns. No particular kind of food preference but not chains.

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  1. I would recommend Wayne and Phoenixville as good places to start. There isn't much in KoP itself that I know of that isn't a chain.

    1. Lot's of interesting Mexican food in Norristown.

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        Taqueria la Michoacana - Norristown mexican (main and arch streets) Authentic mexican.

      2. Here's my list of non-chain places, all close to KOP:

        Trattoria San Nicola - Italian in Paoli
        Mayuree Cafe - Thai French in Devon
        Taste of India - Indian in Wayne / Gateway Shopping Center
        Theresa's Next Door - Gastropub in Wayne
        Kabuki - Japanese in King of Prussia
        Lotus Inn - Chinese (and Japanese) in Berwyn, they have the best Kung Pao Chicken anywhere